Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bridgeport (Season Final)

I recommend you read this first, if you haven't already. Otherwise you might be a little confused.

I told Dawnie I had people I wanted to visit while here, before I had back to Hidden Springs, and I do but first I wanted... I needed to visit here first. I've been back to Bridgeport a few times over the years but I've always avoided coming back here, home. I never thought about it until now but even with all of the places I've lived though the years the beach house is still home
Seeing it instantly stirred up memories
 The first time I had been to the house,seen it finished, it was my eighteenth birthday. Anthony surprised me with it. We had met at this beach and he had the house built for us.
The house remains vacant, for all I know I still own it, so I just walked right in. From the doorway I observed the room, seeing it as it used to be and letting the memories wash over me. I could see each seen in my mind as if it were playing out in front of me. 
I could see each scene in my mind as if it were playing out in front of me
Next I headed upstairs.
Walking to the end of the former nursery I turned and looked over the room again seeing it as it used to be. Seeing the past...
Anthony holding Adam, feeding him, the night he was born. I was standing in exactly the same place remember the way he smiled at our little boy and then up at me.
Then I walked over into the connecting room, the playroom.
I can practically see Ivy at a block table in her green dress that matched her eyes. It feels like it was just yesterday and yet now shes married for a second time and has two teenage daughters
I headed back downstairs and to the last room I wanted to go to and for that reason the one I most needed to.
The bedroom.
Our bedroom.
I know it's all in my head but still I see all these memories play out in front of me.Looking to the other set of doors, that lead into the kitchen and dinning room, I can see a younger version myself with a little boy, Adam, when he was about ten or so. He had come into to see if I was alright after I had woken,scream, from the dream.

Later, leaving the house I headed back to the hotel room and took a shower before putting on a fresh change of clothes and leaving again.
While in town I wanted to visit my son Eli and his wife Violet
I had fun explaining to Violet why her mom didn't stop by before leaving town. Thanks Dawnie (:P)
While there I found out that Violet was pregnant and they insisted I stay with them until she had the baby.

And here is my newest granddaughter Bridgette.