Thursday, August 9, 2012

Starting Over

(Warning, parts of this chapter are of a mature and adult nature and may offend some. All key storyline elements will be summarized in the next chapter so if you do not wish to read this you will not miss anything important. So as always , remember you were warned and Enjoy. ;) 
Addy looked off, daydreaming while waiting for him. Logan Fey, they were planning to spend the day together . He was a good friend and they had talked a lot online as well as having met once or twice in person. Even though they had just met they were already close, he was one of few people she felt she could truly talk to about anything. He was the first one to learn of her break up with Ethan. She had tried to move on with Ethan, she went out with him a few times, but in doing so she realized, that though they had liked each other well enough there was no real spark there and the relationship fizzled out.
Hearing footsteps she turned around leaning back against the railing as they looked at each other.
Addy - Hey Logan. Glad you could make it.
He seems almost nervous, I wonder why.
Wow. She's even prettier than I remember. Okay Logan, play it cool.
Logan - Yeah, hey.
Oh smooth...
He walked over, took her hand, and kissed it.
Logan -  I look forward to spending the day with you AdellaAre ready to go?
Addy - Me too. Yeah I'm ready.
He's quite the charmer isn't he? ...Me too? You couldn't have worded that better?
Logan -  I'm still fairly new to Hidden Springs, you gonna show me around?
Addy - Sounds like a plan. Let's get going then, shall we?
Logan - Yes, let's.
They walked to a nearby diner for lunch. Addy was surprised what she saw when they arrived.
Bryn leaned over the table to kiss his date, Love Sierra, his ex wife.
Addy and Logan took their seats to and started to eat as the other two pulled away from their kiss, to caught up in each other to notice anyone else.
Addy and Logan talked while they ate, Addy trying to pretend not to notice Love and Bryn but eventually she couldn't anymore.
Addy - So... Um...?
Bryn - Oh hey. Didn't see you guys.
Logan -  Obviously. Out with the Ex, Bryn?
Bryn - Out with my sister, Logan?
 Logan - Fair enough, so what you two up to?
Love - We're back together!
She grinned exclaiming the good news.
Bryn - Yea... starting over, taking it slow. Doing things right this time, ya know?
 He smiled at Love, holding her hand across the table.

Next all four of them headed down the road to a local bar and hang out.
Addy - Oh no.
Logan - What?
Love and Bryn - Who is that?
They smiled at each other.  

Addy -  Lidia.
Lidia - Hello Deli. A side pony? What are you, twelve? And I see you dyed it again. Blue, working your way through the crayola box? You've had more hair color's than a clown.
 Lidia was one of few people who knew just how insecure Addy really was. She took a deep breath, trying not to let anyone see just how much Lydia's words hurt her but failed. Logan stepped closer to her. 
Logan - Don't listen to her, your hair is beautiful Addy. Almost as gorgeous as you. 
Lidia - Well hello handsome, what's your name honey?  
Logan - Um, It's Logan
Lidia - Well Logan...
He quickly cut her off before she could continue.
Logan - Not interested.
Addy gave Lidia a smug smirk.
Addy - Don't you have a boyfriend? The last time we ran into each other you mentioned a "great new guy" I believe his name was Zack.
Lidia - Right, him.

Wanting to distract Addy and get her mind off of Lidia, Logan suggested they get picture's in the photo booth.

Love - Oh Bryn...
Bryn - Yeah Lovie?
Love - I'm sorry, you know that?
Bryn - Love... We both made mistakes, that's in the past. We're starting over, remember?
Love - Mhmm. I love you Bryn.
Bryn - I love you too sweetheart. 
He dropped his voice, speaking in a little more of a whisper.
Bryn - And I'm sorry too
♫ Did you see? Was I obvious? Could you tell? I didn't try to hide it. We can't have,but can we try, just to share? I didn't try to take it. When I look, I see you and me, I don't wanna fight it. ♫
Logan - Sorry.
Addy - For what?
Logan - I'm not the best dancer.
Addy - You're doing fine.
 ♫ Take it slow, we've got time to find, don't have to chase it, got no push got no shove, we've just got love, we don't have to force it. ♫
Love - Why do I get the feeling you're not happy for Bryn and me?
Addy - I'm not. I can't believe he got back together with you, after what you did to him.
Love - After what I did? You only know part of the story Addy. I messed up, but so did he.
Addy - What could he have possibly done to compare to you cheating on him?
Love - He cheated on me too Addy. It doesn't matter anymore, we've forgiven each other. We're starting over.
Addy - And that's it?
Love - What's your problem? I know what I did was worse, but Bryn has forgiven me so you should too.
Addy - It's not just you that has me worked up.
Love - Lidia?
Addy nodded taking a sip of her drink.
Love looked over at Logan and Bryn who was mumbling something about Logan drinking. 
Logan generally didn't drink but between the three of them he was talked into having one.
Bryn - Come on Logan, no one's forcing you. Nothing wrong with a drink or two now and then as long as you don't over do it.  Just never drink alone, or when you're upset cause that's when you're most likely to over do it. I don't. Not after last time.
Logan - Last time?
Bryn - How much do you know about why Love and I broke up?
Logan - She cheated on you.
Bryn - We cheated on each other. `
Logan - Bryn?
Bryn - Her guilt was making her pull away from me and I could tell she was hiding something but I didn't know what. I got really drunk one night and ended up leaving with this woman. Never got her name, wouldn't know her if I saw. It only happened once, but it happened. 
Logan - I didn't know man. How come you never told me?
Bryn - It's not something I really go around talking about.    
Addy, now on yet another drink, glared across the room at Lidia.
Addy - She tried to flirt with Logan, even though she clearly thought we were here together. I mean we are here together but, I mean, like, together together. She did it just to upset me
Love - And obviously it worked. What's that, your fifth drink?
Addy - Forth.
Love - Not the point. That's still a lot. Why do you even care who she flirts with. It's not like you and Logan  are actually together.
She dropped her voice to a whisper.
Love - Is it? Do, do you like him?
At that moment before she could answer Logan came over asking if she wanted to dance some more.
Addy quickly finished her drink before nodding and jumping to her feet.

The song playing ended and another started as they stepped back onto the dance floor and after a moment Addy started to sing along.
 Here we are so what you gonna do? Do I gotta spell it out for you? I can see that you've got other plans for tonight, but I don't really care. Size me up you know I beat the best. Tick toc, no time to rest  Let them say what they gonna say, but tonight I just really care.
Addy -  Come on baby, we ain't gonna live forever, let me show you all the things that we could do! You know you wanna be together, and I wanna spend the night with you! Yea, yea, with you, yea yea. Come with me tonight, we can make the night last forever! Oh Oh.  I've seen it all I've got nothin' to prove, come on baby just make your move. Follow me lets leave it all behind tonight, like we just don't care. Let me take you on the ride of your life, that's what I said alright. They can say what they wanna say cause tonight I just don't even care. 
Logan - Um Addy?
 Come on baby, we ain't gonna live forever, let me show you all the things that we could do! You know you wanna be together, and I wanna spend the night with you! Yea, yea, with you, yea yea. Come with me tonight, we can make the night last forever! Oh Oh. 
Addy - ♫ Let's pretend you're mine. We could just pretend, we could just pretend, yea, yea! You've got what I like. I got what you like.
Logan - Addy.
Addy - ♫ OH come on.  Just one taste and you'll want more. SO TELL ME WHAT YOU'RE WAITING FOR!

 After dancing Addy dragged Logan back to the photo booth. 

Outside after the bar closed Lidia approached Addy.
Addy - What do you want?
Lidia - I... I wanted to say I'm sorry, about what I said earlier.
Addy - What? 
Lidia - I said I'm sorry. I'm trying to apologize alright!? Like I told you last time, I'm trying to be a better person, unfortunately that means being nicer to you, so it's not so easy. 

Addy - Excuse me? Yeah right. Why?
Lidia - Why am I trying to be a better person?
Lidia went into her purse, took out a picture, and handed it to Addy. As Addy looked at the picture of the little black haired girl Lidia spoke.
Lidia - Her name's Kelsey.
She smiled for a moment.
Lidia - She's my daughter. I'm a mother now Deli.  I always knew I wasn't the best person, I just didn't care, but now I do.
Lidia - I am trying to change, I really amI don't want my daughter to be like me. I want to be a good example for her. Whether you want to admit it or not I know you believe me, I know you understand. Because you're a mother too.
Addy - I do. I do understand, and I believe you, the way your face lit up when you pulled out the picture, and when you said her name. 
Lidia - I love her.
Addy handed the picture back.
Addy - Whose her father?
Lidia - I don't know.
Addy - Is it Micheal? She's the right age.
Lidia - I said I don't know. I,well, it's possible. But he doesn't need to know that. It's not that I want to keep her from him but I really don't know, and I know he's with Serenity now. I don't want to come between them. I don't want to cause that kind of drama, for Kelsey's sake.
Addy - You don't know? Who else would it be?
Lidia - ...A random one night stand I had around that time.
Bryn - I need to take Love home but first, you're my best friend Logan. I know you're a good man and I trust you with my sister. 
Logan - Of course. 

Bryn took Love home and kissed her goodnight.
Bryn - Good night Love.
Bryn - I'll talk to you tomorrow.
Love - Bryn wait! Stay.
Bryn - Lovie...
 Love - I know we're taking things slow this time. Nothing has to happen. I just don't want you to go. Stay with me, please. Nothing has to happen.


Addy sat on the bar of the swing set looking at Logan who was leaning back against the chain.
Addy - Are you leaving soon?
Logan - Addy...
Addy - Just stay a little longer? 
Logan - Alright Addy, a little longer.
Addy - Now come closer.
Logan - Addy, if I do that-
Addy - You'll, what, kiss me? Why would that be so bad? 
Logan - I...
Addy - Help me down.
Addy - Do it Logan, kiss me. I want you to kiss me.
Logan - If I kiss you, I won't be able to stop myself from doing more than that.
Addy - I don't want you to.
Logan - Addy, you... you've been drinking and...
Addy - And you don't want to feel like you're taking advantage? 
Addy - Believe me Logan...
She took his hand and brought it to rest on her thigh.
Addy - You're not. Just because I was drinking... I still know what I'm doing. 
Addy - I know what I want. I want you Logan.
Before he had the chance to stop her, she kissed him. After a moment he responded, kissing her back and just as he said he couldn't stop, once their lips touched he wanted more of her. He pulled away and looked into her eyes suggesting they head inside.

Upstairs, standing outside her bedroom he kissed her , pressing her against the door while trying to open it.
On the other side of the door their kiss deepened, their passion growing as he lifted her up in his arms, again pressing her to the door.
Their lips never left each others as he carried her toward the bed, her unbuttoning his shirt along the way.
Once there she quickly tossed it to the ground. He leaned her back against the bed and removed her shirt, dropping it by his own.
Logan - Hmm, red, my favorite color.
Addy - I know.
Logan - Oh do you now?
Addy - Mhmm.
She pulled him back in for another kiss.
Logan - You're so beautiful
Addy - Oh Logan.
Logan - I mean it, you're gorgeous Addy.
Addy - Logan...
Logan - You're not changing your mind are you?
Addy - No, I want you Logan, I want to be with you I, I...
Logan - It's alright. I know...
He slid his hand up her back and unclasped her bra, discarding it to the floor with their shirts before laying her back.
He gently cupped of one of her bare breasts while bringing his mouth to the other. She moved her leg up and down his.
He climbed over, on top of her ,taking her other breast in his mouth now.
Addy - Ooh. Mmm, Logan, that feels so good. 
He removed the rest of her clothing before wrapping his arms around her, stoking her back with one hand as she arched it towards him in pleasure while gently squeezing her firm rear with the other.
Addy wove her fingers into Logan's hair and gripped it holding his head in place.
Addy - Ahhh. Logan. I want you Logan, I want you now.
It's so different with him. Of course I've been with men for my challenge but there was never...this. There was never any real pleasure, never any heat, any passion. 
Logan - As you wish , mon doux.
Mon doux, he speaks French. Mon doux, my sweet, he called me "my sweet". 
He got rid of his remaining clothes before holding himself over her, gently cupping and stroking her face.
Logan - Donc belle, so beautiful, so beautiful.

Logan - Are you ready?
Addy - Oui, mon ami.

Mon ami? my friend? Is that how she thinks of me, even now, as nothing more than a friend?
He looked at her, clearly lost in her pleasure.
No, that can't be. Maybe, maybe she doesn't know what it means.
Addy -  OHHH, Logan! 

They kissed again, their hands roaming over each other.
Passion burning in her Addy brought herself up to meet him
They stayed like that for a while, well after they finished, just looking at each other, neither saying a word, feeling no need to.

When they arrived at the house earlier, before going out back, Addy had hung their photo booth pictures on the wall.
As she lay with Logan's arm wrapped around her,
they were the last thing she saw before drifting into a blissful sleep.