Saturday, September 17, 2011


Ivy - Yes?
(whispered) Serenity - We just left.
Ivy - Do they suspect anything?
Serenity - I believe so, they're both watching me closely. Luckily they trust Micheal and that's what matters now. 
Ivy - Be carefulOkay?
Serenity - I will, and you should be too, you shouldn't be alone.
Ivy - Mason's here. You're the one with that woman, it's you I'm worried about. I should let you go.

Meanwhile, across town:

Micheal - It seems we might have to wait. Unfortunately the sun is particularly bright today, so you probably shouldn't leave until evening.
Micheal - No need to stay in there until then though.
Addy turned to look at Ivy Windfield and Micheal. The eyes were how she realized the relation, but then seeing them together she wondered how she hadn't figured it out before. Not only where their eyes the same, but they also had the same high foreheads, low noses, long thin jaws with perfectly rounded chins, and thick full lips. 

The day goes on and the other Ivy, Ivy McKnight, waits for her mother to come home. Becoming more worried the later it got she wrapped her arms around Mason for comfort.
Ivy - My life hasn't been the easiest as of late, leaving Blake, having his baby, and all of this with my mother, but you've made it easierNot many men would get involved with a recently divorced pregnant woman living at her parentsI wanted just to thank you for being here for me

Serenity having slipped away from Morgan and Lidia, waited nervously for Micheal.
Micheal - There you are. Let's go.
Morgan shows up looking for Serenity.
Morgan - Micheal, why aren't you at the house? 
And then she sees it. The car that was rounding and had now stopped at the corner.
Morgan - Micheal? I trusted you, I expected something like this from her not youYou're my own blood and you've betrayed me. I never asked you to work for me, to be one of my peopleWhy'd you do this?
Micheal - You're right you didn't ask meYou knew I was only involved because of Serenity.
Morgan - Serenity. I always knew you'd turn on me someday.You're one of them, a Woodrow.
Serenity looks at Addy now standing on the corner across the street then back at Morgan with a smile.
Serenity -You know what? That's right, I AM a Woodrow.

Ivy - mom.
Addy - Ivy, my precious vampire princess.
Addy - And how's this little one? Serenity said it's a girl.
Ivy - Yes, she is a girl , and she's perfect.
Addy - Have you decided on a name yet? 
Ivy - Blake and I talked it over, we're trying to be somewhat friends for her sake, and we agreed that being our child she is bound to be evil and so chose the Simleon word for darkness
Addy - Dartay. I like it. 
Ivy - Whoa! Did I kick this much?
Addy - At least.
Alissa - MOM!
Addy -  ALISSA! Awe sweetie, look at you. 
Alissa - I'm a big girl now.
Addy - Awe, yes you are.

Note: This will be the last Many Mini McKnights for a while. I will be taking a break to work on other stories.

Thursday, September 8, 2011


We're going to take focus off of the goings on in Sunset Valley for just a moment and head off to the lovely  New Plum City where Anthony and the band have just finished a concert and are signing autographs-
and posing for pictures.
"There you are," a voice behind him says, "I was hoping to catch you while we were both in here in New Plum."
Anthony - Morgan. 
Anthony - It's good to see you.
Morgan - You too. How's your mother?
Anthony - You've probably spoken to her more recently then I have.We're stopping in Bridgeport soon though and plan to stop by
Morgan - Oh, I see. Well she was good last I saw her. 
Anthony - And Courtney? I haven't spoken to her since she called to wish me luck on the tourHow's our sis?
Morgan - She's good
Anthony - She normally keeps me clued in on your latest schemes, but she didn't seem to know anything this time around.
Morgan - Yes, she's not in on my current plot.  She wouldn't like it.
He laughs.
Anthony - So then you're dealing with a friend of hers you don't like?
Morgan - Exactly.
Anthony - Playing the overprotective big sis now?
Morgan - Always, that's why I gave her to your mother to raise in the first place, to keep her from our father.
Anthony - You don't have to tell me.
Anthony - Your father was abusive to you and your older sister when you where young so when Courtney was born you took her away and gave her to your old collage roommate, my mother, to raise and since it was just after I was born she passed us off as twinsI know the story Morganbut she's not little and your father's dead  now, you don't need to protect her anymore. 
Morgan - Oh don't you act like you weren't the same way, getting between her and people especially when you two were teens.
Anthony - That was different, I didn't get between her and people, I got between her and boys, we may not be blood, but she's still my sister.
Morgan - Fair enough.

Okay, now back to Sunset Valley were Addy is enjoying a plasma juice while Serenity fill her and Micheal inMicheal was Serenity's friend before he was one of Morgan's people, but now that Serenity wants to help her sister she trust Micheal to do the same.
Serenity - Morgan's out of town at the moment, but she will be back tomorrow and we still have farther plans to make, however, tomorrow or the day after we should be readyMorgan will be back by then. Don't worry, I'll get her and Lidia away from the house.
Micheal - Leaving me to play guard and then I guess I just open the door and that's that?
Serenity - Lead the way out of the house, then come find me. It would probably be best that I not be near Morgan when she realizes I've betrayed her.
Addy - And what makes you so sure Morgan and Lidia will go with you, or that she will leave me alone with him?
Serenity - Morgan trusts Micheal more then any of her other people and she is already losing trust in me, she will leave with me because she will want to keep her eyes on me.
Addy - And you don't think she won't be suspicious of you trying to get her out of the house? Especially if she no longer trusts you.
Serenity - Of course she will be, but as I said, she trusts Micheal. He's never given her a reason not to.
Micheal - Neither have you. I'm going to go.
Serenity - Alright.
After Micheal is up the stairs, out of earshot, Serenity lets out a sigh.
Addy - You love him. I thought he was with Lidia.
Serenity sighs again.
Serenity - He is ... and I do. He and I are, um, involved as well, but it's meaningless. At least to him, with Lidia too. We grew up together, Micheal and me, I've loved him as long as I can remember and we've been best friends longer then that. He used to talk about who he used to call "the mystery girl". The mystery girl was some girl he was in love with and he never told me or anyone else who she was, but he always said that all of his relationships would be meaningless because it would be meaningless with anyone other than her and that she was too perfect to ever have him. It's held true too, he's had a few relationships over the years but they've never meant anything to him.
Serenity - Lidia asked me to lay off, she confessed to me that even though she was originally only with him for reason I'm sure I don't have to explain to you...
Addy cuts her off.
Addy - The similarities to Anthony. Black hair, purple eyes, strong build, ripped jeans , studded jacket... Would I be right to assume he even plays guitar as well?
Serenity - Yes, yes he does, and as I was saying she admitted to me that even though that was originally with him that shes started to actually like him. For some reason she seems to think we're friends, but really I hate that bitch about as much as you do.
The sisters share a laugh.
Serenity - Now onto another part of our little plan. There is another prisoner. Micheal's thought up an excuse for you both to be moved into the same cell, but really its so it will be easier to get you both out.
Addy - Oh my.
Serenity - She's had this woman for years, Morgan faked her death so ones looked for herI believe you know of her.
Serenity brings the other woman into Addy's cell along with a second bed. Addy gasps recognizing her. She has aged a great deal, no longer the young woman Addy had seen in pictures, but she was still unmistakable. 
Ivy - Yes.
Addy - Why? Why are you here? I thought Morgan had something against my family, was I wrong? Is it challenge moms she has a problem with?
Ivy - You're a challenge mother?
Addy - Because of you. My mom used to read me your books and then I did when I learned to read myselfI made my choice when I read your biographies on Candace Sierra and Della Wriner and then your own challenge blog.
Addy - And it's from reading your blog that I was able to recognize Eli.
Ivy - You know my Eli? 
Addy - I know most of your family, I'm really good friends with both Talya and Angel and as for Eli, Eli's my stepfather.
Ivy - Your stepfather?
Addy - Yes, he met my mother when I was a teenager and they've been together since. My children consider him their grandfather and he and my mother have a son.
Ivy - A son? My boy has a son.
Addy - You're in that "I can't believe I'm a grandma" state right now, ha-ha.
Ivy - Like you would know?
Addy - Actually yes. Bryn, my brother, your grandson, is the same age as Arabella, my granddaughter.
Ivy - You have a granddaughter?
Serenity - And another one coming.
Addy - Ivy's having a girl?
Serenity - Yes, her and Blake have chosen the name Dartay.
Ivy -  Ivy?
Addy - My eldest daughter. She was named after you.
Ivy - You mentioned Talya and Angel, how are they? What have they been doing? And what about my other girls?
Addy - Sadly your other girls have yet to be found and the majority of there time has been spent trying to find them.
Ivy - Oh. Tell me more about...Bryn? 
Addy - He's smart and friendly and he has blonde and green hair like our mother, a slight blue tint-
-and those deep dark purple... 
Addy - You were pregnant! When Morgan first brought you here. Weren't you?
Addy - Micheal your son.
Ivy - How?
Addy - How do I know? When I was first attacked by Micheal and Lidia I couldn't remember anything  and then when I started to all I could recall at first was his dark purple eyes. A few friends asked if I knew anyone with dark purple eyes. I told them not that color but that wasn't exactly true, I just wasn't able to place them until now.
Addy - Because Bryn's eyes don't glow.
Addy - Excuse me.
Addy starts to head to the toilet behind the screen but doesn't make it that far.
Addy - I'm sorry. Serenity what have you lot been feeding me? Ugh this is almost as embarrassing as that time I threw up in Adam's front lawn.
Ivy - How long have you been here?
Addy - Why?
Ivy - I don't think it's the food.