Saturday, September 17, 2011


Ivy - Yes?
(whispered) Serenity - We just left.
Ivy - Do they suspect anything?
Serenity - I believe so, they're both watching me closely. Luckily they trust Micheal and that's what matters now. 
Ivy - Be carefulOkay?
Serenity - I will, and you should be too, you shouldn't be alone.
Ivy - Mason's here. You're the one with that woman, it's you I'm worried about. I should let you go.

Meanwhile, across town:

Micheal - It seems we might have to wait. Unfortunately the sun is particularly bright today, so you probably shouldn't leave until evening.
Micheal - No need to stay in there until then though.
Addy turned to look at Ivy Windfield and Micheal. The eyes were how she realized the relation, but then seeing them together she wondered how she hadn't figured it out before. Not only where their eyes the same, but they also had the same high foreheads, low noses, long thin jaws with perfectly rounded chins, and thick full lips. 

The day goes on and the other Ivy, Ivy McKnight, waits for her mother to come home. Becoming more worried the later it got she wrapped her arms around Mason for comfort.
Ivy - My life hasn't been the easiest as of late, leaving Blake, having his baby, and all of this with my mother, but you've made it easierNot many men would get involved with a recently divorced pregnant woman living at her parentsI wanted just to thank you for being here for me

Serenity having slipped away from Morgan and Lidia, waited nervously for Micheal.
Micheal - There you are. Let's go.
Morgan shows up looking for Serenity.
Morgan - Micheal, why aren't you at the house? 
And then she sees it. The car that was rounding and had now stopped at the corner.
Morgan - Micheal? I trusted you, I expected something like this from her not youYou're my own blood and you've betrayed me. I never asked you to work for me, to be one of my peopleWhy'd you do this?
Micheal - You're right you didn't ask meYou knew I was only involved because of Serenity.
Morgan - Serenity. I always knew you'd turn on me someday.You're one of them, a Woodrow.
Serenity looks at Addy now standing on the corner across the street then back at Morgan with a smile.
Serenity -You know what? That's right, I AM a Woodrow.

Ivy - mom.
Addy - Ivy, my precious vampire princess.
Addy - And how's this little one? Serenity said it's a girl.
Ivy - Yes, she is a girl , and she's perfect.
Addy - Have you decided on a name yet? 
Ivy - Blake and I talked it over, we're trying to be somewhat friends for her sake, and we agreed that being our child she is bound to be evil and so chose the Simleon word for darkness
Addy - Dartay. I like it. 
Ivy - Whoa! Did I kick this much?
Addy - At least.
Alissa - MOM!
Addy -  ALISSA! Awe sweetie, look at you. 
Alissa - I'm a big girl now.
Addy - Awe, yes you are.

Note: This will be the last Many Mini McKnights for a while. I will be taking a break to work on other stories.