Sunday, June 10, 2012


Reader POV
Ivy put her son Jackson upstairs with Julian before while she was talking with Addy. Aphrodite's birthday was the next day and she was hoping they could have a party there because it was bigger then her families own home.


Meanwhile Aphrodite had slipped out to meet up with Blake.
Blake - Hello dear.
They didn't say much for a while after that and just enjoyed being together.
Blake - I know I won't be welcome at your families party so I thought it best to give you this now. I want you to wear it tomorrow.
Aphrodite - What is it?
Blake - Your crown, my Queen.
Blake - You need to go now.
Gently pulling her close he kissed her goodbye.  
Dartay - There you are. I don't like you sneaking out like this Aph.
Aphrodite - I can take care of myself Tay, you know that, just like I'm sure you know where I was. 
Aphrodite -Why do you care anyways?
Dartay - I'm your sister.
Aphodite - So? It's not like you need to protect me, especially not from him, not like Victoria.
Dartay - W-what? 
Aphrodite -  If Anything I protected you. What, you thought I didn't know about that? Oh come on Tay, I know everything. Did you think it was some lucky coincidence I convinced him to stay in town, gave her more time? Honestly Dartay, I thought you where smarter than that.
Dartay - You're just manipulating him?
Aphrodite - You were only part of the reason, she was right, he wouldn't wait for me and I couldn't go with him so...
Dartay - So you still intend to go with him?
Aphrodite - Yes.
Dartay - Why?
Aphrodite - He's sweet, to me at least, smart, and so evil. And because, like him, I want power, I want control. I want to be queen.
Heading inside Aphrodite went to her magick room, just like Alissa, Aphrodite is a witch as well as a vampire, with one major difference, Alissa is good.
Using her crystal to spy Aphrodite focuses in on Dawn. 
"Is... is that what I think it is?"
Aphrodite - Hmm. Congratulations.


The next night Dartay and Ivy both seemed... excited, for Aphrodite's birthday.
Ivy and Mason's family as Dawn and Newbie came to Addy's to see Aphrodite age into a young adult.
She was completely engulfed in red sparkles and bats.
She knew he was around somewhere, she could sense it and was sure she wasn't the only one.
Aphrodite - Doprava.
Aphrodite - I don't care what they say, I want you here.
She took his hand and led him back up to the house.
Addy completely freaked out.
Dawn's reaction was more contained.

Mason - What are we going to do?
Ivy - We.. we said we wouldn't stop her. We probably couldn't if we tried.
Mason pulled his wife close and held her as she began to cry.
Aphrodite - I hope you're not trying to think of how to stop me. You know you can't.
Ivy - Aphrodite, please don't do this. You're supposed to learn from my mistakes, not repeat them.
Aphrodite - I said before, just because it was a mistake for you doesn't mean it is for me. I love you mom but this is my decision and I've already made up my mind.
Ivy - Alright, I don't like it but I love you and I want you to be happy. It's obvious there is nothing I can say or do to convince you, I just hope you don't get hurt.
Aphrodite - I won't.
Aphrodite pulled away to see the smirk on Ivy's face as the sun rose higher into the morning sky. The magick of the bloodline made it that they were not as effected by the sun as most vampires but Blake would need to get inside, they couldn't leave
Blake - We need to get inside.
Aphrodite - Take my hand.
She waited for him to do so then said the teleportation spell.
Aphrodite - Doprava.
A moment later they were standing in Addy's guest house and she walked into the side room without a word.
Aphrodite - What do you think?
Blake -  Stunning.
Aphrodite - I wanted to change into something more suited to a vampire queen. 


  1. Clever post Addy. Can't wait to see what is in store next.



    ~Dawn Turner

  3. "MUWAHAHHA! I finally have her! Mine, all mine!" .... Oh, shut up, Blake. Great chapter, Addy. Now what shall I do in Bliss of Revenge? ;D