Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Moving on and Baby 22

Addy -  Dinner was nice, Ethan, thank you.
Ethan - I'm glad you're having a good time. Would you like to walk over to the theater?
Addy - Sure.
They walked over to the theater.
Ethan - Did you like the play Adella?
Addy - Mhmm
Ethan - The ending was a surprise, I never would have guessed.
Addy - Oh, I know.Hey, wanna watch the stars?
Ethan -  Sure.
Ethan -  Oh look, a shooting star.
Addy - Another one, make a wish.
Ethan - I don't need to.

"Aw, come on Nicks."
Nicki - Cory, not in front of everyone.
Cory - Okay babe, if that's what you want, but I want to talk to you at some point, alone and before you start to protest any more I do just mean talk.

Until he showed up at the kids birthday party Addy hadn't known of Nicki's boyfriend,Cory Connors, meeting him she was a little surprised, he wasn't really the type she expected to see with Nicki but her girl clearly liked him.

 She told her how she had met him while fishing out back.
 That she saw him across the water and decided to go over and say hello.
  And how they just seemed to hit it off instantly and had been seeing each other since.

Being the oldest Grape was the first to age.
Grape grew up into a handsome young man who should have no trouble getting any girl he wants.
Mason was next.
He grew into a good looking teenager and already has his sites set on a girl, though he won't say who.
Next was Matthew.
Addy thought he looked surprisingly like her great uncle Julian after whom her most recent little boy was named.

Serenity and Micheal are in town so we spent the day hanging out.
I couldn't help but laughing at her when she tried to scare him and he didn't even react at all.

Nicki is real close with her Aunt Ren, can you tell?

Nicki - I'm so sorry we didn't get to talk at the party, it was just so crazy with all my brothers growing up and everything and then yesterday my aunt showed up and...
 Cory - It's alright baby, don't worry about it, besides we're alone now aren't we?
Nicki - Mhmm. What'd you wanna talk about?
Cory - Well, a, I was going to ask if you wanted to, to move in? You said that at first you didn't move out of your mom's to help with your little brothers but that the only reason you're still there is cause you don't have another place so...
Nicki -  You're so cute when you're nervous
Cory - Only when I'm nervous? And who said I was nervous? 
Nicki - Okay you're always cute, even when you wouldn't stop talking long enough for me to say yes

Julian's a child now.
Just as she had with Julian Addy had go to the hospital to become pregnant with her twenty second child, Anna named after her aunt. Even more then Miranda had Anna seemed to have got her hair and I color from Addy's father Adam. Miranda had his pink eyes and had pink hair because of him but it was pure pink where as Anna's, like Adam's is red and pink.

After having Anna Addy had her traditional post birth makeover coloring her hair a light blue color with white highlights and selecting a pink and white outfit.

A few days after having Anna she went out with Ethan again, meeting up with him at a park and was surprised to see who else was there.
Addy - Oh look, Dawn and Newbie are here.
Addy - DAWNIE... Hey.
Ethan - I think she's a little distracted.
Addy - I think you're right. You hungry?
Ethan - I could eat
Addy -  Okay.
Eventually Dawn noticed her friend and her and Newbie joined them for burgers.
Dawn - I love your new hair Addy, it's so pretty.
Addy - Thanks Dawnie

Both couples sat and watched the stars for a while.

Dawn - It's getting late, we're gonna head home.
 Addy - Okay, nightie night Dawnie Dawn.
Dawn -  Nightie night Addy Addy.


  1. Cute post Addy. Glad you are trying to move you.

    Hugs Ashby

  2. All of the kids aged up to be gorgeous, but I have to say that I especially like Grape!

    Ethan seems to really like Addy!