Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Baby Eighteen

I posted online looking for the next father and was messaged by a man. I replayed and we messaged back and forth a few time, asking questions and once I decided he was safe, so I sent him my address. I'm doing my best to be very careful with who I have in my challenge. Very careful. Being a challenge mother can be dangerous at times.
A few days later I was outside when a man with pale purple skin and hair showed up at my gate. 
Man - Excuse me?
Addy - Yes?
Man -  I'm looking for Adella McKnight. I'm Grape Meringue.
The man I had been messaging.
Addy - Oh. Come in, the gates unlocked.
Grape - Thank you.
Grape - I'm guessing you're Adella?
Addy - Yes, that would be me.
He pull out flowers.
Grape - I got these.
Addy - Oh, thank you. Now, um, if you don't mind I'd like to does this now, before my children get home from school. I prefer not the have them around.
Grape - Of course, I understand.
Grape and I went up stares and conceived baby #18 and he left.

The next morning, I was making the bed.
When I felt the first wash of morning sickness.
Baby eighteen was on the way.
With that, I decided it best to age Nicki.
Alissa convinced me to let her attempt to magically summon Nathan.
He was a little confused, but she was successful.
Nathan - She really can do magick?
Addy - Yup.
After explaining how and why he was there we got on to the birthday celebration
It's safe to say Nicki looks more like Nathan. She has his features and coloring with my hair color and freckles
A couple days later I took Nicki with me on my daily walk.
I just strolled along, not really planning to end up anywhere in particular.
We walk by Nathan's, so we stopped by and said hi.
He invited us inside so I decided to start teaching her her skills there, it's what I'd planned to do with the rest of the day after our walk anyways.
Nathan stood over us watching as I taught her to walk. He's a good father.

Getting back home I taught Nicki to talk.

A couple of days later I had a son. Meet Grape McKnight, named after his father. He somehow, despite his father being light purple, has dark green skin.


  1. Awe a green baby! ^_^ How cute! Little Nicki is just so darn cute. :D

    ~Dawnie T

  2. Aww, I love the green baby!!!

    ~Calista Smith

  3. Nicky is adorable and so is Grape!