Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy Holidays part 1

I was on the laptop, talking to people and making holiday plans. There is so much to do this time of year, and parties, those of friends as well as my own gathering. Even not including my children my family is HUGE, so huge in fact that there hasn't been a time when we actually manage to get ALL of us together, there are members I've never even met, great aunts and distant cousins and what not mostly. Anyways we always get as many of us together in one post and those who aren't there are usually on one other spot or another but for obvious reason I haven't included my self in the family gatherings the past couple years so this year I'm playing hostess. I was searching for the next father while talking to Dawnie and knowing how careful I am about how I allow in my challenge and she recommended I use someone that had already been in another challenge in the past and with Christmas coming up she suggested I use one of the Holiday brothers, whom had been in her challenge last year.
To make things a little easier on me I aged the younger children, everyone but Alissa. Nicki was unhappy to learn she needed glasses but she still took it better then Adam had when he was her age.
Other then his mysterious skin my little green Grape takes very much after his father.
Likewise Andrew continues to take after Anthony in looks and personality.
He also takes after his name sake, who was a great inventor, and spends most of his time out in the hobby house alone, with his imaginary friend Kitten,always working at either the inventors bench or the chemistry table. 
Lately especially since becoming a teenager he's been working on something he says will prove Kitten's real.
Andrew - Kitten, Kitten I did it! I did it, I've completed the potion that will bring you to life.

Andrew made us get together in the main room of the house so we could all see.
I saw the bubbles and a figure appear inside of them.
And a moment later we where all looking at a pretty girl with blue pigtails. Andrew looked her up and down  and there was an obvious attraction. It was shortly after this that family started to show up and I decided to do a little bit of a photo shot
My twin sister Serenity was the first to arrive and the two of us get a picture together. Before I continue allow me to update you on the goings on in her life over the past couple years. First of all, shes legally changed her last name and is now Serenity WoodrowSecondly, Micheal Haistings was with her, he's now her boyfriend, turns out his "mystery girl" was her and they were both just acting as if their involvement meant nothing because they thought it was what the other wanted. Go figure. So anyways they eventually admitted things to each other and are now happily together. Ren has also not included her self in the big family gathering the past few years and so this is her first Christmas as a Woodrow.  
After my picture with Ren I decided to get one of everyoneAndrew and Alissa, wither purposely or not, wore matching sweaters. 
Andrew and Kitten sat together and didn't even seem to notice the camera.
Nicki posed cutely smiling sweetly at the camera while Grape was distracted , playing happily with his teddy bear.
Ren and Micheal, I laughed silently at the outfits they had chosen. 
Shortly after that our mother and younger brother Bryn showed up and I got a picture with my mom and siblings. Bryn told me that he is thinking a challenge or to and thought I should know, in case I had a problem with it I guess.
(Download Addy's brother Bryn here)
 Christmas day, accompanied by Dawn , Ivy and her family arrived from Twinbrook.
Addy - DAWNIE! 
Dawn - ADDY!
I looked her over after pulling away from our hug, Dawnie has long been one of my best best friends and we've only gotten closer since Ivy and Mason got together and even more so after Ivy and Mason's daughter Aphrodite was born and we now share a grandchild
Addy - Damn Dawnie, you look amazing.
Dawn - As opposed to how I normally look?
Addy - You know what I meant, goof.
Nicki took Aphrodite up to her room to play. While Dartay disappeared somewhere with Alissa wanting to be around another teen vamp girl.
Nicki - Careful, my glasses.

Andrew and Kitten had been talking when I pointed out the mistletoe hanging above them. Despite the obvious mutual attraction between them I had expected a little peck and not a kiss like the one they shared. 

Addy - GIFT TIME!!
 I handed Andrew the box with his present in it.
Addy - This is from me and also your grandma Vanessa.
Andrew - Grandma Nessa?
(pretend its larger then it is cause EA's stupid and make the box the same size no matter the gift :p)
He opened it and I heard the shock from Ivy and Alissa as Andrew held the guitar, it was old and visibly worn but still in good condition. 
Alissa - Is that...?
Ivy - I've only seen it in pictures.
Addy - I know you've wanted your own and rather then buy one I thought.. something more personal and then I thought of this. So I called Vanessa and she sent it out here. It ,um, it was...
He looked up from carefully tuning the guitar.
Andrew - It was my fathers.
 I nod slightly even though he didn't say it as a question.
 Ivy -  More then that...
Alissa - It was his first.
There was a silence after that as the significance seemed to registrar to everyone.  

Dawn - Grape is so cute, did you ever figure out why he's green?
Addy - No, I talked to his father about it, thinking maybe one of his parents or something, but he seemed as baffled by it as I am.
Dawn - Hmm that's interesting.
Addy - Yeah, I would like to know but at the same time I don't really care, just so long as my boy is happy and healthy it doesn't matter what he looks like or why.
Dawn - Yup. 

Mason took Ivy's hand and led her towards the tree.
Mason - There's one more for you, love.
She looked down at the few boxes still around the tree.
Ivy - I don't see anything.
Mason - One moment.
I covered my mouth and though a look to Dawn as I realized what was happening.
Mason - Our family, you and the girls are my world.
Ivy - Oh my god.
Mason - Ivy, I love you so much and know your the one I want to spend eternity with. Will you marry me?
Ivy - Oh my god. Oh my god Mason, yes. Yes of course.
He slid the ring onto her finger before then kissing her hand.
Standing, he swept her up into a kiss.
Dawn and I both looked away as he spun her before setting her down still locked in a kiss.
After braking the kiss Ivy turned to me.
Ivy - At least you know this time.
She is of course referring the fact that I showed up the night before her wedding to her ex-husband Blake  asking when she planed to tell me she was engaged.
Addy - Yeah, yea, yeah.
Andrew pulls out back out the guitar and we all dance and celebrate


  1. YAY!! My Mason is engaged...and to a wonderful girl. I couldn't have picked a better girl for him. :) Great Post Addy!! Your like awesome and stuff. :D I can't wait for part 2.

    ~Dawnie T

    Ps- Yes I look amazing in that dress. ;)

  2. Cute post, looks like everyone had a great time!

  3. I don't know how I missed this post. It was cute... off to part 2.


  4. Would you mind testing a house I built for the BC-it's no store content, open backyard for whatever you want to add-4 bedrooms, 3 bathroom, study room, kitchen/dining, art room, etc. I'll send you a link if it catches your eye. 40x40 lot


  5. Wonderful pictures. They had such a nice family gathering!