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♥♥Happy Valentines Day♥♥

Reader P.O.V.
Matthew's a toddler.
Nicki is now a teenager. Now onto the story.

Victoria - I'm sure you could get Ivy to think of something . . . but should you tell her?
Dartay - I don't know.
Victoria - Your mom seems trustworthy. Do what you need to, but we also need to protect ourselves.
Dartay - I know.
Victoria - I never thought this day would come, when you're avoiding dad.
Dartay - Well that's what I get for helping you.
Victoria - No, no I'm sorry. I love your help. It gets me farther then I could go.
Dartay - Well, when my mother told me to try to be closer to you I doubt she thought it would be this effective, or this quick, but I have to admit I think we're a lot closer then we were before this call.
Victoria - For some odd reason I have to agree.
Hanging up the phone Dartay slumps on her bed wondering what to do when Ivy walks in.
Ivy - Dartay? What's wrong princess?
Dartay - I...
she started
Dartay - I...I need an excuse not to go with dad when he wants me.
Ivy - Why? Normally you can't wait to go back to Blake.
Ivy tried and failed to hide the hurt in her voice.
Dartay - Oh mom, I just don't know what to do. 
Ivy walked over and sat down on the bed.
Ivy - Well you can start by telling me what's going on. Why don't you want to go back to your father? What did he do?
Dartay - It's nothing he did, its what he might do; if he finds out what I've done.
Ivy - What did you?
Dartay - You'd actually be proud of me. You wanted me to try to be closer to all of my siblings, right? Not just Aphrodite. Well... I just got off the phone with Victoria and I have to say we are much, much closer. 
Ivy - Oh,so she did something. 
Dartay - She's pregnant! Or, well, she said she thinks she is and... he's human.
Ivy - Oh. Well, I think you need to tell me exactly whats going on. From the beginning.
Dartay - Okay, I've known about her and Logan,the human boy, for a while, almost since the beginning, and I didn't say anything because, you know how he feels about humans, and well they love each other. They really do, but he found out about them and he captured the boy and...
Ivy - Okay, okay, slow down. Blake found out his daughter was dating a human, I can imaging how that would upset him. Honestly I can't understand why you would be okay with it.
Her own voice is thick with contempt as saying the word human. Ivy her self doesn't care for most humans but,unlike Blake and Dartay who hate them all she makes exceptions for her human family and few human friends.
Dartay - Because they love each other. Anyways he found out and he captured the boy, but he didn't have a cell built in the new house yet so he let him stay in Victoria's room and they decided to... how did she put it? "Have one last night together.
Ivy - I see...
Dartay - There's more.
Ivy - Oh?
Dartay continued to tell Ivy everything and with...
( for the other side of this story and the everything Dartay told her mother read Bliss of Revenge )
Dartay - So I can't go back, when he finds out what shes done... and if he finds out that I've helped her.
Ivy - It's okay, honey, we'll think of something.

It wasn't long before it was Valentines Day, the day set for Ivy and Mason's wedding
Addy held the box carefully.
Ivy - Is that my dress?
Addy -  Yep. I've wanted you to wear this for so long, if I had had any say you would have worn it for your first wedding.
Ivy -  I don't understand.
Addy - Well, remember how, when the woman from MiriWood did your measurements, you were told they would custom design you a dress? Well actually the measurements were for if any alterations were necessarily for you to fit into an existing, though still custom made, dress. 
Addy - Mine.
Ivy - Oh my god,mom.
Addy - I know it doesn't exactly match your color theme but...
 Ivy -  No, it's perfect.
They had decided on a red, white, and pink color scheme for it being Valentines day. Ivy put her hands in front of her face, surprised and honored. She ran her fingers along the blue pattern of the otherwise white dress that had been her mothers before carefully laying it on the bed. She undress before taking the dress and slipping into it, it fit her perfectly. Next came her hair, with help from Addy they started to pin and pull it back in various places
Addy -  There's something else.
She opens a smaller box she also had with her and lays out two necklaces telling Ivy to pick one.
Addy - Just for today.
Again Ivy had to gasp. She looked at the gold chain and then at the silver and pink necklace next to it before running her hand over each and then picking up the golden heart shaped pendant that normally never left her mothers neck. 
Addy -  Let me.
Taking the pendant from her Addy moved Ivy toward the mirror before standing behind her, closing the  clasp on the necklace as the tears started to flow down her cheeks
Addy - You look beautiful princess.
That was that, Ivy started to cry as well, princess, while when she was a little girl her mom had called her her little vampire princess she was always her daddies princess. It was all so much, standing there, in her mothers wedding dress, and the necklace, the gold pendent she knew had been a gift from him, that normally Addy never took it off, getting ready to marry the love of her life, princess, it was to much and so she started to cry.
Addy - Don't cry sweetness.
Ivy raises her hand wrapping her fingers around the heart hanging from her neck.
Ivy - I miss him so much.
Addy - I know, baby, I know. 
Gently Addy whipped the tears from her oldest daughters face.
A while later Ivy stood back in front of the mirror, her hair was now finished and the vial attached, as Mason came in
Addy - Mason, get out. You're not supposed to see her.
He looked to Ivy.
Mason - You're not superstitious are you?
She shook her head.
Mason - Okay then. I just want a little kiss. Besides...
He laughed.
Mason - Whats the worst that can happen?
 He kisses her softly before leaving the room.

Whats the worst that can happen

Mason stood under the arch waiting for his bride.
Ivy started slowly down the aisle glowing beautifully in the candle light. About half way she suddenly stopped.
She started to turn, scenting his presences, and he called her name.
Blake - IVY!
Ivy - Blake, leave, you shouldn't be here.
Blake - Neither should you. Ivy, don't do this.
Ivy - I love him.
Blake - He doesn't deserve you!
Ivy -  He is nice, funny, and caring and...
Blake - Good, that's the problem.
Ivy -  Are you saying he's to good for me?
Blake - No, I'm saying you're to evil for him. You deserve someone as dark as you are my sweet.
Blake - Leave with me Ivy. He is not worthy of my queen!
Ivy - I'm not your queen anymore Blake!
Aphrodite blushed.
Aphrodite - I'd be his queen.
There was a collective gasp, she had mumbled it to her self but it was still picked up by vampiric ears.
He looked at her, raising an eyebrow, he flashed his charming smile
He grabbed her arm and gently pulled her to him before turning back to her mother.
Blake - Either you come with me, Ivy, or she does.
Ivy - No. Blake, please.
Blake - Either you come, or she does.
Ivy - I have another idea. Violet, come here a moment!
Addy - Ivy... w-what are you doing?
Turning back to Blake Ivy gave a him a wicked smile.
Ivy - Do you remember me saying that you would be better off turning a human for your next queen?
Blake - So she would be less powerful.
 Ivy - I have the perfect  human for you. If she will have yo, will you leave my daughter?
As she come over Ivy grabs Violets arm pulling her in front of her and presenting her to Blake.
Ivy - My sister, Violet.
Blake looks her over in slight surprise making Ivy laugh devilishly.
 Ivy -  Oh, did I forget to mention she looks just...like..me? I thought you'd like that.
Violet - What's going on, what are you talking about?
Blake - Violet, how would you like to be vampire queen?
Aphrodite - Excuse me? I may have said it to myself but I know you all heard me. You would consider this.. this human over me?
Her tone upon the word human radiated with contempt and disgust. He laughed and smiled that seductive smile taking her hand.
Blake - Never.
Ivy - I'll go!
Mason - Ivy...
Ivy - I can't let him take our daughterBlake, I'll go with you .
Mason - Ivy no.
 Ivy - You would let him take Aphrodite?
Mason - I don't like it but, but if its what she wants do you really think we can stop her?
Ivy - Shes just a kid, she doesn't know what she wants.
Mason She'll just go once shes older.
Ivy - You think he'd wait? Aphrodite, please, don't repeat my mistake.
She was pleading at this point.
Aphrodite - Because you consider something to have been a mistake  for you doesn't mean it is for me.
Ivy - Blake, please, I know you still love me, you wouldn't be here if you didn't, please don't do this,don't take my girls from me.
He shakes his head softly.
Blake -  Oh Ivy, you think you have me figured out, but little do you know....
He trailed off.
Blake -You were right about one thing though, you're not my queen anymore, you're not my Ivy. She wasn't this weak.
Ivy - Caring about my children makes me weak? She's just a girl, if you really would wait then wait. If she really does want this there's nothing I can do once shes older but let her have her life first, let her finish school and have time to decide, and then, when shes older, if this is still what she wants, I won't stop her.
Blake looked at Aphrodite.
Blake - The choice is yours, my dear
Playing with Aphrodite's hair he looked back to Ivy.
Blake - You heard what she said.
Aphrodite - What if... what if you stay? Stay and wait here, in Hidden Springs, until I can go, until we can go, together. 
Blake - Hmm. I have prisoner back home that needs dealing with so I don't know if I could stay for long. 
Aphrodite -  But this is where I am, and Dartay, shes here and this way you can be around her without having to take her away. Your prisoner will still be there no matter when you return, there's no need to hurry back. 
Blake -  I suppose you're right, m'dear.
He took her hand and gently raised it to his lips, softly kissing her delicate fingers.
The drama now past, though few people were happy with the outcome, the wedding from there continued as planned.
Ivy slid the ring onto Mason's finger.
Despite everything she couldn't help but smile has he did the same.
And with that they shared their first married kiss.

(Salline and Alex Trish)
(From left to right  Amber McKnight, Jay Wriner, Frella North, Della E. Wriner Miranda McKnight, Skye Everard ,Della A. Wriner , Angel Martin and once again Salline Trish)
(Kayleigh Ryan)
After that Ivy and Mason Turner shared their first dance as husband and wife.


  1. AWWWEE!!! My little boy is now married ^_^ I could help get emotional, I just LOVE this post. It's sad to see my granddaughter go to someone so evil but I'm glad she'll be happy and I know she'll be treated like a queen. :) Loved it Addy, one of your best works. :)

    ~Dawn Turner (Mother of the Groom)

    P.s. MY MASON IS MARRIED!!!!!! AHHHH!!! :3

  2. Addy, Great post.. Congrats on the new Son-In-Law. I can't wait to see what happens with Blake in the future.


  3. I can't believe that Blake showed up at Ivy's wedding! How can her daughter want to be with her Mom's ex? EWWWW!!! He must have some kind of power over her. Even though Blake tried to spoil it, the wedding was still beautiful and I'm glad that Ivy married Mason.

    I hope that Aphrodite comes to her senses before it is too late!

    Another great update, Addy!