Saturday, January 21, 2012

Happy Holidays part 2 (sorry it took so long)

I think its safe to say my little Christmas party was a success. 
 We were all dancing and just having a good time when Dawn drew my attention towards the door.
Harold Holiday was the man Dawnie had recommended for my challenge, and whom she had used last year.
I thought it would be to noticeable to everyone if we head upstairs so I told him to follow me and then slipped into the hall leading to the rec room.
Harold - This is a nice set up. Why not have the party in here?
Addy - To small,to many people.
Harold - Oh.
I headed upstairs afterwards, I was going to read to Nicki but found that Kitten was already doing it.
The next morning brought the latest in my embarrassing morning sickness experiences. Someone was in the bathroom, don't ask.
I took Grape with me for my daily walk and after walking awhile I happened to see his father Grape Meringue in the distance and decided to say hi.
When we got closer I pointed him out.
Addy - Look Grape. 
After getting home I changed into a maternity outfit because I was officially pregnant and then proceeded to age Grape into a child.
The next day we walked to the park.
While playing I noticed that the house across the street happened to be where the Harold and his brother are staying.
Addy - Grape stay here and play.
I went across the street and rang the bell then turned back to watch Grape while I waited.
Harold came to the door and we talked for a moment,he got to feel the baby. 
I told him I had to go because I had an ultrasound soon and he offered to take me. I looked at my watch and decided to let him. I told Grape to head home on his own,knowing that the older kids would be there. I  wouldn't have done something like that in the past but Hidden Springs is so much safer then Bridgeport or even Sunset Valley.
So Grape heads home and Harold takes me to the hospital for my ultrasound.
We found out we're having a boy.
The kids had their winter dance that night.Andrew asked Kitten to go with him.They looked wonderful, their outfits complementing each other perfectly with Kitten wearing a dark purple sheath with blue cinch and matching gloves, while Andrew wear black dress pants and jacket over a shirt the same shade as Kittens dress.
  Alissa went alone, she won snow queen. Andrew asked Kitten to be his girlfriend and she said yes.
Went into labor later that night.
The girls freaked out.
Nicki in particular.
In short time I had my newest little boy, baby #19. Meet Mason McKnight, named after ,of course,the son of one of my best friends and my future son-in-law, Mason Turner.
I settled Mason in a crib right away.
Then I got out my phone and called Harold with the news.

Mason has Harold's red and white hair and green skin with my green eyes.

A couple days later ,taking Mason with me for my daily walk, I headed back to the house the Holiday brothers were staying in. 
Harold's brother Simon answered and let me in. I plan to use him as my next challenge father.
Brought Mason with me so Harold could have some time with him.
While Harold played with Mason I went to the bedroom with Simon.
Now pregnant with baby twenty I knew that it was time for Alissa to go. I watched with a mixture of happiness and sadness as she was surrounded by the red sparkles and bats that mark her become a full fledged vampire.
She still looks so much like Ivy, and yet so different as well, though she seems to carry her self with that same regality Ivy always has. My vampire princesses. She went online to look for a place and moved in with someone renting out a spare room.
Sorry I don't have more pictures of the pregnancy,here is baby #20 Matthew McKnight named after my great grandfather Matthew Parker.


  1. Great update Addy. Can't wait for more.


  2. Alissa does look even more like Ivy now. She is just as pretty.