Saturday, September 29, 2012


This post contains adult content.
The next morning Addy slowly opned her eyes and slid out of Logan's arms.
She turned back to look at him for a moment, thinking over the night before, as he rolled onto his side.
Addy walked over to her dresser and looked at Logan in the mirror before pulling out her robe and slipping into it.
She pinned her hair out of the way before applying moisturizer and make up.
She looked at Logan one last time, deciding to let him sleep, before she left the room.
Addy flipped the switch on her way out the door and Logan rolled to his other side, feeling for her in his sleep.

She headed into the kitchen and fixed herself a cup of coffee. 
Addy sat down and enjoyed her coffee, thankful that is was the weekend and she didn't need to get the kids up and off to school.
After waking only to find Addy gone Logan pulled on his pants and headed downstairs.
He stood in the door way to the kitchen, watching her as she made breakfast for everyone.

Logan swept Addy up and moved closer to the pool.
Addy - Ahh! Logan! Don't you dare. 
Addy - I mean it Logan. Put me down! Logan I swear I... AHHH!
Logan strolled away casually before breaking into a run and laughing as Addy climbed out of the pool.
Addy -  Get back here! 

Matthew and Mason met up with their bestfriend Aaron.
Aaron -  Audrey will be here soon.
Mason - You invited Audrey along? Aw, man, come on.
Matthew - Aaron, dude, what did you do that for.
Audrey met eyes with Mason as she walked up and she smiled at him.
Audrey - Hey boys.
Matthew looked up at her. She was gorgeous. 
Matthew - Hey... Um?
Audrey - AUDREY! 
She whined then smiled after a moment realizing it was no longer a lack of interest that kept her name from him.
Mason - Hey Audrey.
They smiled at each other a second time.
Audrey - I'll be right back, you boys want anything?
The brothers both just shook their heads as she walked off.
"Does, me?" 
Aaron let out an annoyed sigh.
 Aaron - Okay, go ahead.
Matthew - Aaron?
Mason - Hmm?
Aaron - I've been getting it a lot lately "Your sister's hot".
Matthew - Aaron, dude...
Aaron - Yea?
Matthew - Man, your sister's hot.
Mason - Matt... Aaron, I apologize for my little brother. Seriously Matt, you don't tell a guy his sister's hot! How would you feel if some boy told you that, that Anna was hot?
Matthew - That would never happen. Anna's just an annoying little brat.
Mason - Matt. That's exactly what you used to say about Audrey.
Matthew - Oh yeahhh, haha...Oh. Sorry, Aaron.
Mason - H-hey Audrey. 
Audrey - Oh, hey Mason.
Mason - I, um I wanted to say...
Audrey - What is it?
Mason - You know what, forget it, never mind
Audrey - Oh, Okay.
Mason - So, ah, you..
Matthew - Hey Audrey. Sorry about earlier. You just, you look so pretty, left me speechless.
Audrey - Oh. Um, thank you Matthew.
Yeah Matt, thanks. I wasn't trying to say the same thing, or anything. 
Mason - You really do look pretty Audrey. 
Audrey - Oh...
They,.. both like me? 
Audrey - Really?
Mason - Yeah, I was actually wondering, um, if you'd like to hang out tomorrow, just you and me, like a...
Audrey - Like a date?
Matthew - I was actually about to do that.
Audrey - Hmm?
 Matthew - Would you like to go out with me sometime?
Aaron - Okay that's it. I know I'm going to have to get used to guys being interested in my sister but I will not have my two best friends fighting over her. 
Audrey - What if... What if I go out with both of you?
Boys - What?
Audrey - What if I go out with each of you, once or twice, and then decide if I want to be with either of you.
Aaron - Hmm. Do either of you have a problem with that ?
Mason - No, that seems fair.
Matthew - No.... no I don't have a problem.
Aaron -  Alright then. Well, we better get going then. Bye guys.
Audrey - Yeah, bye boys. Mason, see you tomorrow.
Mason - Yeah. See you. 
Matthew - Oh stop grinning. She's going to pick me.
Mason - We'll see, little brother, we'll see.

Anna - Come on Andrew let's go change.

Anna changed in the bathroom while Andrew took the bedroom. When she came out she found him sitting on the bed, upset.
Anna - Andrew? What's wrong?
Anna - Your parents?
Andrew - What else?
Anna - What is it now? Did your dad say you can't age up with me?
Andrew - No, of course not. He said he didn't care. Big surprise there, he doesn't care, about that or anything else for that matter. Not since my mom left us. She didn't even say goodbye Anna, she didn't say anything. It's worse for Alex though, at least.... at least I have you.  I get to come over here everyday and be with you and escape it all for a while. I don't know what I'd do without you Anna.
Anna - I'll never let you find out. I know you're upset but I'm gonna do something to try to cheer you up. Okay?
Andrew - I don't know what you think you could do but okay.
Anna - Close your eyes.
Andrew - Whoa, Anna I....
Anna - Come on, lets get back downstairs.
Everyone gathered around happily to watch Anna grow into a teenager.
Her best friend, Andrew Best seemed particularly happy.
After they had both aged up Anna and Andrew went off to talk alone.
Anna - You know they'll probably all be watching us.
Andrew - I know, but I wanted at least some semblance of privacy. 
Andrew - So, about that kiss....

Addy called Logan over to tell him some news.
Addy - I'm pregnant!
Logan - That's, that's wonderful.
Addy - I was thinking... 
Logan - Yeah? 
 Addy - I was thinking that, maybe, you could stay here for a while. During the pregnancy, like how you usually have the women in your challenge stay and....
Logan - Okay.
Addy - Really?
Logan - Yeah, I'd love to stay with you.

The next day Mason had his date with Audrey. He secured the picnic basket to the bike and got on.
Audrey - Mason...
Mason - Audrey! 
He quickly came over and, taking her hand, brought it to his lips. 
Mason - You ready?
Audrey -  Mhmm.
Mason - Great, lets go.
They climbed onto the bike and she sat on the rack, the basket on her arm, and wrapped her arms around him tightly.
Audrey - Where are we going?
Mason - You'll see.
Arriving at their destination Mason took a blanket out of the basket and laid it on the ground after leaning the bike against a tree. 
Audrey - This is really good.
Mason - Thanks.
Audrey - Mmm?
Mason - I made it myself. I'm actually a pretty good cook, maybe next time I can make you dinner. Something a little more complicated than burgers.
After eating they stretched out and talked while looking at the waterfall and the fish splashing in the pond.
Audrey - This is fun. I'm actually having a really nice time.
Mason - You sound surprised.
Audrey - Well I am, I guess, I mean, you were always so mean to me. You and Matt both were. He barley even seemed to notice my existence and you...You teased and tormented me and you, you dumped water on my head!
Mason - Not because I didn't like you. 
Audrey - What?
Mason - Yes I did all that, I teased you and pushed you and pulled your hair and other things that little boys do to the girls they like. I always liked you Audrey.
Audrey - Really?
Mason - Yeah, really. I'm sorry I was so mean. I know it seems stupid now but, I swear, it made sense at the time.
He slips his hand into hers and for a while they just smiled at each other.
Leaning over he kissed her cheek.
Mason - We should be heading home now.
Audrey - Okay.
They began gathering everything, to pack it back in the basket, when it started to rain.
Audrey - Oh no!
Mason -  Don't worry, the weather report said it might rain so I have an umbrella in the basket. I was going to bring two but I couldn't find another one. I think I can hold it over both of us though, and then we could just walk the bike. 
Audrey - Mmkay.

Audrey - I really did have a great time Mason, thank you.
As they started to pull away from their hug their eyes met and he found himself pulling her back towards him, into a kiss
Audrey - The, um, the rain stopped.
Mason - Oh, yeah.
Audrey - Do you wanna look at the stars? Before you go?
Mason - Oh, um, sure, yeah. Just let me put the umbrella away in, in the basket.
Audrey - Yeah.

Mason - I'm sorry about that. That kiss, I shouldn't have done that.
Audrey - No. I'm glad you did.
Mason - Really?
Audrey - Yeah, really.
Audrey - Mason...
Mason - Audrey?
Audrey - I don't think I need to go out with Matthew. 
Mason - You still should though.
Audrey - What? Why? 
Mason - It wouldn't be fair if you didn't and if you're meant to be with me one date with him won't change that.
Audrey - Oh okay. I guess that makes sense. I did agree to go out with both of you.
Mason - Exactly. 
Audrey - You realize that this only makes me want to choose you even more? That you're willing to step aside for a moment to give your little brother a chance?
Mason - Oh really now? No, I hadn't thought of that.

It had been a few months now since Logan started staying with them and Addy had mostly tried to avoid him. She was very attracted to him, and was really starting to care about him as well, but she knew she had to fight those feelings. She was with Ethan not long ago and look how that turned out. She didn't feel ready for another relationship after that one fell apart, and there was her challenge to think about, and his for that matter. Plus he clearly didn't want her either since he had done his best to stay away as well. Not to mention the age difference. Normally those five years wouldn't be that big of a deal but when it's on top of everything else it was just another reason to stay away. 

Addy walked into the hobby room only to see Logan on the floor.
 She couldn't help but look at him, he was balanced perfectly, muscles flexing as he pushed himself up on one arm. Despite the fact she was fighting her growing feelings toward him deep down she couldn't deny she wanted something to happen.
She covered her face trying not to blush as she continued to stare.
Logan - Oh, hey Addy. I, uh, I didn't see you there.
How long has she been there? What is she thinking? 
Logan of course was struggling with his own feelings toward Addy. Mostly he picked up on her own reasons, but he also had his own. Despite her insisting otherwise he still felt like he had taken advantage of her that night because she had been drinking. 

Later Addy was working on her latest novel, an adult romance called Lovers' Alley. As she wrote she pictured the scene in her head. Nicole had gone with Reese, back to his apartment building and he led her to the pool.

He waded in the cool still water as Nicole hesitantly undressed. "What if someone sees us?" She asked him.
"Don't worry, Nicki, no one will see us. Don't you trust me?"
"Of course I do. I just don't want random people seeing me, like that. I get enough of that at work. "
"I promise no one will see us." He assured her.
"Well..okay" She was still hesitant but she finished undressing and walked over to the ladder. Reese smiled at her ,admiring her beautiful body as she slowly climbed into the water.
For awhile they just swam around. Nicole couldn't stop laughing. "I've never done anything like this before," she giggled.
"Oh really?" Reese asked,"I do it all the time."
"Alone?" She questioned him.
He knew what she meant. Did he ever do this with Sally?
"Yeah, alone." Sally wasn't the type of girl the girl to do this, then again he wouldn't have thought that Nicole Rivers was either.
"Hey, wake up." She splashed him, giggling again. "What are you thinking about babe?"
"You." And it was true, he had been thinking about her, though he wouldn't say he had thought of Sally too.
She smiled at him then circled around him.
"What are you doing?" She responded by grabbing on to him and pushing him underwater.  
Nicole was the happiest she had been in years, perhaps the happiest she'd ever been. She was wrapped in Reese's arms. The man she had wanted for so long, that she always regretted not going for. She had cared too much about what other people thought back then, but none of it mattered now because here they were. 
They were finally together, had finally found each other again and now they were wrapped in each others arms, lost in each others eyes, their mouths not even a full inch apart. She brought her lips to meet his. She found herself asking why she always fought what she felt towards him,what could have been. Why did she have to think he wasn't good enough? And now she's the one not good enough for him.

Returning to the surface Nicole quickly swam away. 
She expected him to be behind her but Reese was waiting for her as she rounded the pillar.
He kissed her again, loving the way her body felt pressed against him,and moved her back until she was pinned against the pillar. He would gladly have taken her then and there but knew that wasn't what she wanted. "Do you want to go up to my place?" She knew what he was really asking, she nodded. They climbed out and started to get dressed but Nicole, now shaking slightly from the cold air on her bare wet skin, dropped her clothes soaking them in the puddle forming at her feet.
"Shit!"  She swore, then covered her mouth in embarrassment.
"Here," Reese said, holding his own shirt out to her. "I don't need it."
Nicole headed into Reese's bedroom while he put her clothes in the dryer. He came in to find her looking at the picture of him and Sally on his dresser. "Do you love her?" She asked him, failing to hide the sadness in her voice, "You asked her to marry you so..."
He took her in his arms, "No," he said "No I don't love her."

Despite this Nicole continued to stare at the picture on the dresser, if he didn't love her why was he marring her, and why keep a picture of the two of them in his room, in a place were he'd see it every day, why , if he doesn't love her? "Do you love me?" The moment the words left Nicole's lips she regretted them, you don't ask that, but she couldn't take them back.
He pulled away , taken aback, to look at her and met her eyes staring a moment before answering,"More than anything." He kissed her again with such passion and hunger as she had never felt.
"Prove it" She said provocatively, as she pulled away, "Show me".
"Gladly." With that he swung her up over his shoulder, threw her onto the bed and followed her down. 

Logan - What are you working on?
Addy was snapped back to reality.
Addy - Oh, um, a new book.
Logan - Can I look?
Addy - Sure, I guess
Logan walked behind her and Addy stretched and cracked her neck before rubbing her neck and shoulders.   
Logan - Here, let me.
He pushed her hands away and her shoulders while he read.
Logan - He climbed on top of her, slowly running his hands along her smooth soft skin before reaching for the buttons of the shirt and began undoing them one by one kissing and licking her newly exposed skin as he went. Well then, that's um...
Addy - Yeah, it's an adult romance.
Logan - I see.

Addy was outside when a young girl, one of the kids friends she assumed, showed up at the house. Addy  expected her to ignore her and just go off to join the kids,nothing she's not used to, but she came over to introduce herself instead. 
She held a hand to Addy, smiling. "Hi. Anna out back? I'm her friend Kelsey."
Addy - Kelsey?
Kelsey - Yup. Kelsey Oliver. Don't feel bad, my mom doesn't know the names of all my friend's either. 
Addy -  Oh, um, yea I think so.
Kelsey - Okay.
Addy looked after Kelsey as she ran off. So that was Lydia's daughter, and possibly Micheal's too.

Kelsey - Ha ha, I like your outfit, you have good taste.
Anna - You too.
Julian - Hey girls. Mind if I join you?
Anna - I guess not. 
Kelsey - Not at all. I was actually hoping to talk to both of you.
Julian - Oh?
Anna - What's that?
Kelsey - I want you guys to help me find out who my father is. Now that I'm older I want to know and I doubt I can do it on my own.
Kelsey - Plus you guys don't know who your fathers are either, so if you wanted we could all find out together.
Julian - What did your mother say? Did you try asking her?
Kelsey - She doesn't know. It was either this old boyfriend of hers or a one night stand she had after he dumped her.

Anna - Did she tell you the boyfriends name? Because that would be the best place to start.
Kelsey - No.
Kelsey - I'll be right back.
Kelsey - Andrew! Hey, sooo.... Have you told Anna how you feel about her yet?
Andrew - No. Have you?
Kelsey - I, um, I don't know what you're talking about.
Andrew - Oh come on Kels I've seen the way you look at her.
Kelsey  - It's no different than you do.
Andrew - Exactly.
Kelsey - Oh, alright. But so what? She doesn't see me that way. She's always liked you Andrew. I'm just her
best friend.

Logan - Mmm.
Addy - Shhh.
Logan - Addy?
Addy - Oui mom cher.
Logan - What are you doing?
Addy - I want you Logan. Je te veux maintenant.
Addy - Faire l'amour pour moi. Make love to me Logan.
Logan - Shit.
 He couldn't take it anymore, he had to do something. He opened the door to see her on her way to bed.
Walking up behind her, he wrapped his arms around her, slowly, not wanting to startle her.
Without thinking she brought a hand up into his hair. He kissed her neck softly then moved his lips up. He whispered in her ear.
Logan - Why are we fighting this?
That brought her back to reality, this was real, and she stepped away from him, keeping her back turned to him.
Addy - Logan....
Logan - Look at me.
Slowly, she turned.
Taking a step forward he took her face in his hands.
Logan - Look me in the eyes, Addy, and tell me you don't feel the same way about me as I do about you.
Again she stepped back.
Addy - I...


  1. *LOL*@Aaron.... "your sister's hot!" ^_^
    She seems a bit snobby though.... Mason was cute :)
    The little children grew up. I bet there are many adventures in store for them. ... Logan and Addy confused me a little. They seem together and then seem very uncertain of each other and their relationship. I hope it works out for them. Lovely pictures :)

    1. Audrey's a little hesitant about Matthew and Mason because, as she said, they were both mean to her and when they weren't teasing her they were ignoring her. As for Addy and Logan, they've been friends for a while and already had somewhat liked each other before the events of last chapter where she got drunk and they slept together. This chapter, they have feelings for each other but they also both have their reasons that have them fighting those feelings. They're not together but they want to be, but they're fighting that want.

  2. Great post. I can't wait to see what happens next.