Thursday, October 18, 2012

Love and Death

Logan - Why are we fighting this?
She stepped away, her back still turned to him.
Addy - Logan...
Logan - Look at me.
Addy turned around and he took her face into his hands.
Logan - Look me in the eyes,Addy, and tell me you don't feel the same way about me as I do about you.
Again she stepped back from him.
Addy - I.... 
Addy - I can't. 
Logan - You can't?
Addy - I can't do it. I can't look at you and your dark green eyes and your...everything, everything about you is so... perfect, I can't look at you and claim to feel nothing, I can't do it. But we can't do this either,us.
Logan - Why not?  Addy, ma chère douce, Addy, I really like and care about you. Maybe even...
Addy - Don't say it...
Logan - Love you.
Addy - Logan...
Logan - You just said you feel the same, that you can't say you don't.
Addy - That was before you said you love me.
Logan - I do. . I love you Addy. I've never felt about anyone the way I do you.
Addy - Logan I...
Logan - Addy, just give me a chance. Even if you don't love me yet you can't deny you feel something.
Logan - So that brings me back to my original question. Why are we fighting this?
 Addy - I.... I don't know.

Logan - Then don't
He dropped his voice to little more than a whisper as he spoke and then pulled her into a kiss. For a moment Addy thought of pulling away but she didn't. 
Logan - I really do love you, I know some people just say that without meaning it but not me.
Addy - I believe you, I know you do but Logan I...
Logan - You're not there yet, you need time, I understand. I didn't tell you I love you for you to say it back.
Logan - I said it so you would know.
That night she let him into her bed and they slept lying in each others arms once more.
The next morning, waking before her, Logan dressed before waking Addy with a kiss

Addy and Logan developed a relationship and it wasn't long before she was due to give birth.
Nurse -  Everything seems to be going well Ms.McKnight. 

Addy - I think you've assisted in enough of my births you can call me by my first name.
Nurse - Alright then, Adella, but I must inform you that I won't be assisting the doctor with you this time. I'm assisting with another patient it seems.
Addy - Alright, thanks for telling me.
Nurse - Of course.
Addy - So Dawnie,
Dawn - Aht ah, no way, you're not going to start make getting me talking about me.
Addy - Hmmph.
Dawn - So, you and Logan?
Addy - Yes, me and Logan. 
Addy - Isn't it great? He's so sweet, and caring and smart, and handsome and strong and , oh Dawn he's perfect.
Dawn - Addddy?
Dawn had a way of drawing out her name at times.
Dawn - Addy are you, do you...
 Serenity - Are you in love with him?
Addy - I, I don't know. Maybe.
Serenity - Really?
Addy - Yes. I know it's hard to believe, but I think I might be.
Serenity - Oh, my. Well, I'm going to go check in on Love and Bryn.
Addy - Still can't believe he took her back.
Serenity - Neither can I but I suppose we'll have to expect it, he made his choice.
Addy - I guess.

Love - Ugh, I swear I'll never get used to this.

Nurse - You're doing great Ms.Sierra.
Serenity - It's okay Love, you've done this before.
Bryn - I'm hear Lovie.

Addy gave birth to four children. A boy and three girls.
Baby # 23 Logan Mcknight, named after her daddy, Logan Fey.
Baby # 24 Bryn McKnight named after his uncle Bryn, Addy's brother and Logan's bestfriend.
Baby # 25 Fey McKnight, also named after her daddy, Logan Fey.
And Baby # 26 Amanda McKnight named after one of Logan's sisters.

Love gave birth to twins, Abby and Able. Abby has Bryn's blue skin, Love's hair and the famous Woodrow green eyes.
Abel has his parents eyes, Bryn's blue skin and the less famous black and red Woodrow hair.

That night Logan and the older children took care of the little ones so Addy could rest.

The soft breeze brushed Addy's skin carrying the smell of cheery blossoms to her nose and she opened her eyes to find herself in the world between realities, the land of her visions.
Hey Addy.
Addy - Clara, hey.
Clara - Soo, I've been watching you.
Addy - Oh...?
She honestly didn't know what to say.
Clara - I like him.
Addy - Logan?
Clara - Yes, Logan, that there is a good man, and cute too. I'm happy for you.... we all are.
Addy nodded, understanding.
Addy - So, how's the family, don't tell me you haven't been watching them too.
Clara - Of course I have. Always. Jake and Sharla are have been discussing  adopting another child, perhaps a boy this time, their daughter Julianna is moving out on her own, so it's a good time. Sandra's in collage now, just declared her major in philosophy. My baby girl's all grown up.
Clara - I have to go now.
Addy - Go? But....
Addy was cut off, Clara disappeared. The sky turned dark red and Addy heard a deep voice speak her name
Addy - What Grim?
Grim - This is regarding our arrangement's, if you remember.
Addy - Our arrangement? Our arrangement that you would inform me when someone close to me is to die?
Addy - Who is it then?
She asked it coldly. You don't show emotion with Grim. She always knew that forgot it once some years ago as she begged at his feet, tears staining her face and asked him for a deal to bring back Anthony.
Grim - Your stepfather. Eli Windfield.
Grim - I'm aware he is not particularly close to you but he is to those who are, your brother, and your mother.
Addy - Thank you Grim, I appreciate the information.
He nodded.
Addy - May I ask how?
But Grim was already gone.

Eli and Alexis were sitting at their new home in Hidden Springs, now that Addy, Bryn and Serenity were all there, though Serenity had originally planned merely on visiting, they moved to be closer to be closer to the kids.

Eli - I'll be right back.
Alexis - Mmkay.

As the door closed behind him he head a hand to his head.
A moment later Alexis heard a noise.
Alexis - Eli...?
Alexis - Eli!
As she ran towards him memories began to flood her mind.
Of the last time she had seen the man she loved lying, unmoving before her.
Alexis - Adam....
Adam -  I told you there was nothing to worry about sweetheart. 
Alexis - Haha. Adam! Be careful, the babies.
She had been pregnant with their twins, with Addy and Maria, Serenity. They had just gotten the wonderful news they had been hoping for. Adam was the father of her babies, and not the man who had drugged her when she was in China. 
He lowered her to the ground and pulled her into a kiss.
 Adam - I love you Lexie. 
Alexis - Eli....
Alexis - Please, I love you Eli.
Alexis - This can't be happening.

Alexis -  This isn't real. This can't be happening, not again.

Alexis - I don't even understand... you were fine a moment ago, we were happy. Why is this happening?
Alexis -  Why is this happening? Don't leave me, I've lost so much, I can't lose you Eli, I can't.
Addy - Mom...
After awakening from her vision Addy had dressed and headed straight to her mother's, knowing there would be nothing she could do, but needing to be there for her.
Alexis - I can't lose you Adam. I can't lose you. I can't do this without you, I need you, our girls, our babies need you. Don't leave me.
Addy - Mom.
Addy pulled Alexis to her feet and held her as she continued to cry.
Alexis - Oh Addy. He's...
Addy - I know. I know...
Alexis - What, what are you doing here?
Addy - I had a vision.
Over her shoulder, behind Alexis's back, she saw Grim appear and nodded to him, leading her mother from the room, so Grim could do what was needed. 
Grim - Eli Windfield. Come with me.

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