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Love and Death 3


The final chapter

Addy - I believe we already established some time ago that you have nothing to offer me.
Grim - I can return what you most love.
Addy - What? What did you just say? And more importantly, what do you mean?
Grim - You know what I said, and you know what I meant by it. I can give him back to you Adella. 
Addy - You lie.
Grim - I have never lied to you. I do not lie Adella.
Addy - No, when it first happened, when... when he died, I.... I BEGGED you to give me that deal and you said it wasn't possible but that is exactly what you are now offering me. You do lie.
Addy - You lie, you lie, you lie. Either you're lying now or you were then but you do lie Grim.
Grim - You are lucky you are so important Adella Lorissa, I do not take lightly to being talked to such. I do not lie, it is indeed impossible to do as you asked of me.
Adella - So you're lying now then? 
Grim - I told you that I could not restore your husband as he was because I had done so for you in an alternate time line and I can not make the same deal with the same person more than once.
Addy - As he was? That's the key isn't it? You can't make the same deal but...
Grim - But I can make a similar one. Exactly. 
Addy - Similar how? What will you do?
Grim - If you accept the deal his soul will be placed into a body that will have been recently vacated.
Addy - You mean someone who has just died, while the body is still alive? To anyone near them it would  seem simply as though they had been successfully revived.
Grim - Very good. But know this, refusing will not save that person, the soul's time has come, wither the body lives on is up to you Adella.
Grim - I will let you think about it. Twenty four hours Adella, and I will return for your answer. If you make your decision before then, call to me.  

Addy closes her eyes and opens them again on a beach in Bridgeport. Her beach, their beach
Addy - It worked. I've come home.
She looked around, but she was alone,so she looked up.
Addy - I need to talk to you. I know you said you wouldn't but, I don't know what to do.... Anthony, please, if you can hear me come to me
Addy - Baby please, I know you said you wouldn't and I know you told me to move on but you couldn't possibly have known he would offer this when you said that. Could you? Please, just tell me, is that still what you want? You told me to stop holding on to something that can no longer truly be, but now it can. Just tell me,mon amoure. Anthony, mon cheri, please. Je t'aime.

Addy - Dawnie.
Dawn - Hey, Addy, what's up?
Addy - I need to talk to you about something, something...major. Can you get out of the house? Wanna come over, or maybe we could go out?
Dawn - We can go out, god knows I need a break. Haven't been out of the house since the babies were born.
Addy - Yea, I know what you mean. I only just had my own set of triplets you know. I can leave them with the older kids for a while though. Where do you want to go? Oh, we could catch the ferry, go off island.
Addy - Dawnie, are you there? This is really  important. Like, impossibly important.
Dawn - I'm here. Sorry, Laura-Jayne was calling meGretel was crying. Yea, a ferry sounds like a nice idea.
Addy - Main land or one of the other islands?
Dawn - Haven't been to any of the other islands before.
Addy - Really, and you've lived her how long.
Dawn - Shut up. I've been busy, hard to get out when you have kids round 24/7.
Addy - I'm a challenge mom too. Okay, I know, let's go to the boardwalk on Reyes Island, no one will be there this time of day in the middle of the week.
Dawn - Great. Wanna meet at the ferry or your place.
Addy - Do you even know where the ferry is since you've apparently never used it?
Dawn - I'm not clueless, I'll meet you in 20.
Addy - Alright.
Addy - We're here. I know I went on about how important this was and then on the ferry talked about just random nonsense but, there were to many people, someone would think I'm crazy.
Dawn - What is it? What did you want to tell me that was so important?
Addy - Okay well, Grim, the Grim Reaper visited me last night. In person, he's come to me in visions before to tell me somethings but he wanted... he asked to be in my challenge.
Dawn - You're kidding?
Addy -   No not at all. But that's not the crazy part, I mean most people wouldn't find that crazy if they over heard cause Grim's done loads of challenges, even yours.
Dawn - Yeah, but why is him joining your challenge so important? He joined challenges before.
Addy - I said no. He said he expected that and was prepared.
Dawn - What do you mean prepared?
Addy - He offered me a deal.
Dawn - No way. You didn't accept did you? You have to be careful with Grim's deals.
Addy -  No, at least, not yet, but Dawnie, what he's offering me he said he could..."Return what I most love."
Dawn -  What do you love most that only Grim can give you?
Addy - Really Dawnie? Think about it.
Dawn's eyes widened and she dropped her voice to a whisper.
Dawn - Anthony?
Addy nodded.
Addy - Just for having Grim in my challenge. 
Dawn - Grim is sneaky.  Are you going to accept it?
Addy - I don't know Dawnie. Like you said, you have to be careful with Grim's deals, this one seems perfect but...I don't know. See, this is why I hesitated, why I didn't take the deal when he offered it. This and...well, did I ever tell you what happened when we were in Egypt, while I was out, my vision?
Dawn - I don't think so.
Addy - You told me you worried, cause I kept saying no...
Dawn - What did you see, Addy, in Egypt?
Addy - Exactly what I wanted to. I was successful in triggering my visions again and the vision was what I wanted. He came to me, talked to me but.... oh but Dawnie he couldn't of known Grim would offer me this when he said that, could he? ... He Dawnie he told me to move on. That's why I said no, that's why I cried, I saw the return of my visions as us being able to be together again in them and, and he told me to move on.
Dawn - Would the Grim have known that he said that to you? Would he bring back Anthony after he wanted you to move on?
Addy - I don't know Dawnie, god I feel like I don't know anything anymore. But it doesn't matter if Grim knew that Anthony said that. What matters to me is did Anthony know that grim would offer me this deal when he said that.
Dawn - That's something you'd have to ask yourself, Addy. Is there a chance you can ask Anthony? Use your visions.
Addy - I tried. After Grim left last night, I went to bed and, I can control them again like he did when I was little and I tried to make him come to me so I could ask him if that is still what he wants, and he didn't and that may be my answer and I just can't except it.
 Dawn - So what will you do then? Accept Grim's offer?
Addy - I don't know. What do you think I should do? I need advice.
Dawn -  I can't tell you what to do, Addy. Only you can decided if you want to take Grim's deal.
Addy - I'm not asking you to tell me what to do, just advice? What would you do? In my position?
Dawn - Honestly, I don't know what I would do. I would want the love of my life back more then anything, but if he's gone then he's gone. 
Addy - It seems a little hard to trust, for Grim to give me so much just to be in my challenge. Why is my challenge such a big deal? He joins challenges all the time, and there are plenty that he hasn't joined, if he just wants another child now why not someone else? 
Dawn - Who knows. Next time you see him try asking before giving him an answer.
Addy -  Alright, I will. I don't want to think about it anymore. Let...let's just enjoy the boardwalk.

 Arriving home that night Addy waited for Grim to appear.
Grim - Have you made your decision?
Addy - I think so, but first I want you to answer me something?
Grim - Yes?
Addy - Why me? You've joined challenges before, if you just wanted another child you would have accepted my answer when I said no. Why would you give me so much, just to be in my challenge? I mean, Dawn suggested it might be because of my abilities but I'm not the only challenge mom with mental gifts. So why me?
Grim - Your friend was correct, though other challenge mothers do have mental gifts, some of them stronger than you even , none of them have your gifts.  Only you, Adella, have an affinity towards death.
Addy - That's what makes me important, isn't it? You've always talked about my importance to the balance or the universe or the balance of the universe or what ever it is you've said. Even saved once, you sent my the vision of the cure that first time in Egypt. It's because of this isn't it? It's not really me that's important, it's the child we'd have if I accept.
Grim - Yes. Now, your decision. Do you accept my offer or not?
Addy - Yes, I do.
Grim - Than give me your hand and I will go. 
An image, a vision of a young man appeared as they touched.
Addy - that him, who he's going to be?
Grim - Yes.
Grim -  His name is Brandon Jefferson, he lives in Crystalline Cove and he is to die.


Well my lovelies it's been fun and 
so ends thus ends Addy's challenge. Not to worry though, the challenge my be done but the story is not. Adella's story will continue in My Very Not Perfect Life which will be coming soon but until then I will be taking a brake from Addy to work on other stories. 

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  1. Awe it is sad that Addy's challenge is done, but I am eager to see what is in store for her.