Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Love and Death prt2

The memories continued to flow through her head , all the biggest moments in her relationship with Logan. That first night that started it all, when he said he loved her, when she said it back, Halloween, him finding her heart pendant necklace, and so many more. It was a while, but she realized something, and for the first time in her adult life she took control of a vision.
Addy - It's not real, is it?
Grim - No.
 Addy - How long? How much of what I remember has been vision, dream? What's real? What about my children with him?
Grim - Your children exist, but they were for your challenge, nothing more. Everything else you saw, everything with all of your other children was real. The goings on in your life were incorporated in the vision. 
Addy - Why? Why did you show me this?
Grim -  I didn't.
Addy - Than why are you here?
 Grim - I have other business with you, but that can wait.
Addy - I know that every one of my visions has a purpose, why this?
Grim - To show you that's possible. I believe he sent it to show you you could move on.
Addy - That explains it, some of the things he said, didn't seem like something Logan would say, the real Logan. It was to cause me the proper emotional response. Throwing me in the pool though, that's something he would do.
Grim - That part actually happened.
Addy - Haha, of course it did.
Addy headed out, deciding to head for a club or bar, the kids were all in school and she needed to unwind as well as to process the revelation that her relationship with Logan had been mere vision.
As she walked into Varg's Tavern she was not thinking of the purpose of that vision, trying to think instead of her challenge, she had planned to stop at twenty five children but now had twenty six, twenty seven if you were to count Adele, her eldest child with Logan. Of course Adele counted as her child but she was not raising her, Logan was, and so did not count for her challenge, though if ever asked how many children she had or the names of them all she would include Adele, her lovely fairy princess.
 The place seemed relatively empty when she got there, the only other person a young man with dark red hair, not unlike her own natural shade, and a lit cigarette in his hand, seemingly lost in thought about something or otherShe settled into a seat down the bar from him and looked up at a menu of drinks and bar foods.
Unintentionally Addy let out a cough and the man looked up, noticing her for the first time. Addy was surprised to see, not only was his hair like her own natural color, his eyes were a near if not identical shade of green and he had an even splattering of freckles across his face and visible body.
Man - Oh, um, sorry, do you mind?
Addy - No, it's fine.
Man - I can put it out.
Addy - I said it's fine.
Addy - As a matter of fact...
She got up, walked over and sat next to him.

Addy - Nice ink...Adrian.
The man, Adrian looked at her more closely for a moment before registering where he knew her from.
Adrian - Addy, right? Woodrow?
Addy - Yea, 'cept now I go by Adella McKnight.
Adrian - Married?
Addy -  ....Not anymore.
He takes a long drag off his cigarette before put it out.
Adrian - I'm sorry.
Though her statement could be taken a number of ways her tone made it clear.
Addy - Don't be, it's alright.
 Adrian - No, it's not.
Addy - Alexandra....was she ....?
Adrian - Fiancee, I think.... and my high school sweetheart.
Addy - You think?
Adrian - She always liked to keep me waiting, I asked, but I never got my answer.
Addy - Oh... How... If you don't
Adrian - Robbery, went bad, she was a fighter. What, um...
Addy -  What about me? Is that what you're trying to say?
Adrian - If you don't mind me asking.
Addy - No I don't. Anthony, my husband, was shot. I had gone out through the back door of the theater into the alley behind it while he was packing up and saying his goodbyes to Shelly and the rest of the band, he was a musician you see, and this man came up and tried to attack me. Anthony came out and got him away from me but... but when he turned to check on me the man pulled out a gun.
Adrian - I'm sorry. 
Addy - Can we talk about something else? Are you here alone?
Adrian - No, I'm visiting from out of town with my friend Felicia, Felicia Kane, I don't know if you'd remember her.
Addy - No.
Adrian - She's on the phone with her boyfriend I believe. It's funny, they used to hate each other.
Addy - Oh? Did they, or did you just think they did?
Adrian - No, they could not stand each other, did not get alone, what so ever. Until this one night, you see, as much as they couldn't stand each other they had some friends in common, myself included and one of our friend had a party and they both came. 
Alexandra even convinced them to be somewhat civil with each other, not ruin everybody's fun. We played spin the bottle and when Felicia went she landed on him.
She stood up, but if she didn't want something to happen it meant he did, was suborn and cocky, still is, and so he she wanted to walk away rather than kiss him he wasn't going to let that happen. He got up and grabbed her.
She tried to get away at first but then she melted into the kiss and even ended up pulling him closer.
Adrian - After a moment they pulled away and both sat back down and acted like it was nothing, but like an hour later we found them making out in the other room. They've been together ever since.
Addy - Hahahaha.
Felicia - Miss me?
Adrian - Yes, Felicia, I missed you, that's why I was just talking about you
Felicia - Whose your friend?
Addy - I'm Adella, I actually went to the same school as you two, back in Bridgeport. Addy Woodrow.
 Felicia - Name kind of rings a bell, but I don't really remember you, sorry.
Addy - Don't be, I didn't remember you either, it was a big school, a lot of people didn't know each other, I only knew about Adrian because people used to say we look a lot alike. My hair is actually red like his.
Felicia - Oh, wow I guess you do, don't you?
Addy - So what have you been doing with your life?
Adrian - I had a few jobs over the years until after what happened to Alexandra, I decided to become a cop. I  just graduated from the academy  last month. So, what about you?
Addy - I'm a 100 Baby Challenge mother.
Adrian - I think I've heard of that. But you were married, how did that work?
Addy - They were all his, though I have had more since, for my challenge, but back then....
 Adrian - I see. Are you still doing this challenge then?
Addy - Why ? Are you asking to join
He leaned in, bring his lips almost to hers and whispered.
Adrian - If you'll have me.
Addy - Yes...

Anna walked down the steps to the front door and rang the bell.
 A tall and beautiful woman with pink blonde hair answered.
Anna - I, um, I'm not sure I'm in the right place... I'm looking for my sister, Alissa.
Woman - No, you're in the right place.
Anna - Oh, so then you must be Toni.
Toni - Mhmm, I'm the girlfriend. Lissy's just out back.
Anna - Thanks, I'm Anna by the way.
Anna - Alissa.
Alissa - Anna, what are you doing here?
 Anna - I need your help, or well, more like advice I guess, or, I don't know. I mean I could have gone to Mason or Matthew, cause they're kinda their own triangle situation but it's not the same because they both like the same person, Audrey, while I'm more like her, I'm just so torn and I can't talk to Audrey, I don't like Audrey, she dates Mason and says she likes him and she's going to chose him and only goes out with Matthew to be fair and then says she doesn't know who she wants anymore, and
Alissa - Whoa, whoa, Anna, sweetie slow down. Breath.
Anna - Sorry.
Alissa - Let's go in side and sit down and then you can start over, okay?
Anna - Okay.

Alissa heads inside and take a seat next to her girlfriend.
 Alissa - Alright, now start from the begin and Anna, maybe a little slower this time as well. What's this all about?
Anna - I'm torn, between two people, and they're both best friends. Andrew and I have always had something, it was just somewhat of a given that we would get together, and we kinda did , I mean, we kissed a few times and stuff. I just always assumed we'd end up together but then when Kelsey kissed me....
Anna pauses, blushing.
Alissa - Kelsey? So that's why you came to me about it?
Anna - Sorry?
Alissa - No, I understand, go on.
Anna - Well, I found out Julian like's Kelsey and I went to her place to tell her, as well as to just hang out.

Kelsey - Julian? He, um,  he's not, exactly, my type.
Anna - Not your type? What's that supposed to mean? What the hell Kels? Is my brother not good enough for you or something?
Anna - Julian is sweet and funny and cute and smart and you would be lucky to have him.
Kelsey -  Anna, that's not what I'm saying. You're right, Julian's great, he's just.
Anna - Not your type. So you've said.So what is your type then Kels?
Kelsey - It not that, it's just, he's , he's not...

Anna sank down, sitting on the edge of Kelsey's bed.
Anna - Not what Kelsey. What am I missing, is it someone. But, I'm your best friend, if you liked someone, I would know about it. Wouldn't I? Talk to me Kels.
Not looking Anna felt the wait on the bed as Kelsey sat next to her, letting out a sigh.
Kelsey - He's not you.
Before she had time to react Kelsey had brought her lips to meet Anna's own.
As Anna got over her shock, to Kelsey's surprise, she did not pull away but rather ended up pulling Kelsey closer.
Anna leaned back, pulling Kelsey with her, fully kissing her in return.

Anna -  I kissed her back and I, actually, kinda, really, liked it and after neither of us knew what to say or anything and left and I now I don't know what to do. I think I, I might like her, but I also still really like Andrew but, I've kissed him before and... and it was nothing like that. I just don't know what to do, they're both my best friends and I couldn't bare the thought of hurting either of them. Plus there's the fact that Julain likes Kelsey and not to mention the whole thing with our mothers.
Alissa - Mothers? 
Anna - Yeah.. see, Kelsey is, Kelsey Oliver, she's Lidia Oliver's daughter.
 Alissa - Oh, really now? That... woman, has a daughter? Cazzo cagna. 
Anna - Alissa!! 
Toni - What did she say? 
Anna - Please, help me figure out what to do. And don't just say to pick Andrew because you share our mother's issues with Ms. Oliver.

Addy had three children from Adrian.
Dawn, named after her best friend and fellow challenge mother, Dawn Turner.
Ashby, named after good friend and fellow challenge mom Ashby Lemi.
Becks, named after another good friend and fellow challenge mom Becks Best. Becks has purple and black hair from Addy's grandfather Peter and the deep blue eyes of her grandmother Alissa.

After putting the girls to bed Addy was heading that way herself when she felt a chill and a presence that was unfortunately all to familiar.
Turning around she saw him.
Grim - Hello Adella.
Addy - Grim, what are you doing here?
Grim - I told you the last time we spoke that I still had business with you.
Addy - Who is it? Who else am I going to lose. That's the only reason you come to me.
Grim - That is not why I am here. If you remember the last time we spoke I had said my business with you could wait. If all I intended to do was inform you of a death I would have told you then. And I also would appear to you in vision as I always do, rather than in person.
Addy - Alright, what is it then? 

Grim - I have come because I wish to join your challenge.
Addy - What?
Addy - No way, no, I'm done with my challenge, I can't do it anymore, I just can't, and if I were I still wouldn't have you. Not with all you've taken from me.
Grim - Yes, I figured you would say something to that affect.
Grim - That is why I am prepared to offer you a deal.
Addy - I believe we already established some time ago that you have nothing to offer me.
Grim - I can return what you most love.


  1. This was a great post. I fear that Addy is going to quit. I sure hope not. Looking forward to the next post.