Tuesday, June 21, 2011


*Reader P.O.V.*
Addy was spotlighted in a recent issue of the magazine Challenge Mothers Monthly.
Both her and Anthony had been asked to give interviews. They talked about how she give her self a makeover after each birth and about her being from a legacy family among other things.They wished to interview Anthony alone as well and so Addy left early telling Rachel (their driver) that she would walk and to wait for Anthony
.The wooded path looked so nice earlier in the day but now it was getting dark.She went deeper down the path as it got darker and then she heard a woman's scream cut though the air
Wanting to help she went running in the direction the scream had come from , off the path and into the woods 
The scream stopped suddenly and she ran faster
Hearing her approach the vampire looked up from the woman he had been feeding off of and snared
He started to stand and went into a predatory hunting stance. Addy turned and tried too run, but you can't out run a vampire
Let alone two. Unseen by Addy the women in white had stood into the same hunting position he had taken
Addy let out a scream as he grabbed her.the woman walked around them to face Addy
???:  "Oh Deli , don't you know you can't out run a vampire?"
Addy Lidia. 
Lidia That's right Deli and I'm a vampire now.
Addy This was a trap, a set up
Lidia Yes and you came running just as I knew you would. Now I can deal with you.

When she didn't come home Anthony went looking for her. He knew she had taken the path and was retracing her steps.
Miranda had been trying to call her phone on and off all night. The volume must have been all the way up , he could hear it ringing from the path
Anthony Addy
Anthony ADELLA!
He held her hand in both of his waiting for her to wake up
other friends and family came and left with no change. Ivy yelled at the doctors for not realizing... she had sensed it instantly. She demanded they put her on a blood drip and then that her mother be treated by a different doctor that she knew for a fact the person they had with her now was an idiot and only a resident because she had gone to med school with him and would be serving her own residency had she not left to marry Blake Ashen. 
Doctor I'm Dr. Forester, you're daughter was one of my interns while she was in med school, she requested I take over your wife's case. 
Dr. Forester Unfortunately other then keeping a continues blood drip there isn't really much for me to do, the transformation was hard on her in part because it was forced and also because its not the first time. We just need to wait for the vampire healing ability to take over.
Alexis Can I have a moment alone with her?
Anthony I...
Alexis I understand you don't want to leave her side but just for a second would you stop thinking as a concerned husband and think instead as a father, wouldn't you want that alone time. Please.
Alexis Thank you Anthony.

*Alexis's P.O.V.
Sitting down I took her hand and I told her, something I thought I would never tell anyone.

You need to wake up, I can't lose you too. After what happened to Adam... I don't have to tell you negative emotions can be bad for a baby. I was considered high rick, and was kept a the hospital the entire week leading up my due date.
The rest of the family didn't know. Only Adam knew we where having twins.
I had been warned but nothing could have prepared me for the pain
When the nurse started to freak out I knew something was wrong.  Maria, her name would have been Maria. 
I cried as the nurse carried her out of the room. As the contractions continued I thought for sure my other baby would be stillborn too.
BUT YOU WEREN'T , you where perfectly healthy  , 
perfectly perefect
My Adella.

*Reader P.O.V.

Anthony Can I come back in now?
Alexis just nodded as he walked over. Looking at him she couldn't help but see so much emotion, love and concern for Addy , anger and hatred for whoever did this. She knows he'd kill them if given the chance.
Addy let out a little groan as she opened her eyes 
before she could even fully get to her feet he pulled her into his arms. 
Anthony What happened? Who did this to you?
Addy I, I can't remember.I left the interview and was walking on the path in the woods .. and now I'm here.


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