Saturday, July 16, 2011

Whats going on here?

*Reader P.O.V.*
So first things first, this is baby #15 Alissa McKnight named after Addy's grandmother Alissa Woodrow. Alissa like Ivy before her is a born vampire
The teenagers grew up and moved out, here is  baby #8 Miranda all grown up
 (download here)
and baby 9 her twin brother Blake
Next we have #10 Jonathan 
Jacob Kyle
And his sister the lovely Lilly Kyle
The triplets had their birthday as well , they all gained the evil trait , Vanessa like Ivy before her is insane as well. The dress the are wearing belonged to Addy as a child and has been passed around to the different Woodrow girls since then , the all tried it on by Violet is the one to keep it
Eli got sent one of those weird creepy dolls
so Addy's post birth makeover wasn't the less drastic on this time , Anthony decided it was time for some change on his part too 
As for Addy , shes decided not to dye her hair this time and instead used a remover to return it to its natural redness. Now to the story, Dr. Forester told Addy that because of how hard the transformation into a vampire was on her body that it would be dangerous to take the cure and return to being human to soon so she sleeps a few hours in the morning and mostly spends her days taking care of Alissa and and writing and talking to Dawn , Angel , Sharla and other friends on the computer and love stargazing most nights
She had been looking though the telescope on the when Anthony came up behind her surprising her
"Ti amo, mi prezioso. Adella ,mi amore" his voice was soft, little more then a whisper.
"It means precious."
No that's not Ivy Alissa is now a toddler and looks identical to her oldest sister
"Shooooes, Alissa say shoes"
"YAY , okay now how about in french, mommy's Aunt Marcelline taught her french when she was a little girl. Can you say chaussures? ... yeah that is a hard one huh? I tried to teach some of your bothers and sisters to speak french but the never really took to it, you Daddy says I shouldn't have waited until they where children, he taught them Italian when they where toddlers like you, because that's what grandma Nessa did with him. try again ,chaussures"
"ed in Italiano Adella?" 
"See , you are learning"
"pattini , pattini" Alissa said happily pointing at her mothers feet
Ivy said and Dr. Forester agreed that feeding live would be best as well , for the same reasons she was told not to cure her self just yet.
she regretted doing so in front of Alissa though as she bit into her teddy bear proudly saying how shes like mommy

It was about a month later I think 
Addy went into the nursery to check on Alissa and found it empty
running out of the nursery she ran up stares 
then down but she couldn't find Alissa
"Listen"she snapped answering the phone " I don't care who this is , I can't talk right now, kind of in the middle of something"
"I know" the voice was female and seemed vaguely familiar " Your looking for your daughter"
"I'm texting you a location, I suggest you go.See you soon Adella.
"Wait! Who are you?"
The woman laughed 
" my name is Morgan" and with that the line went dead
Addy told Anthony about the call and that she was leaving 
"Be careful, what if the suns dawns before you return?
"I'll stop by the science center if I need to."
 "Don't worry, I'll bring our daughter back."

the next morning he was still waiting and getting worried the higher the sun got in the sky
then he saw her walking up the hill , Alissa in her arms , and he ran to them.
"What happened?"
"I went where it said and there was no one there , they just left her there. Something could have happened to her. I just grabbed her and left. It was already starting to get daylight so I went to the science center like just like I said, and needed a change of clothes, to hot for the long sleeves and pants now that I can feel templates again " 
heading inside she put Alissa in her crib
He just held her for a moment not saying anything 
"I was worried" he said finally
"I hate to do this but I need to leave again a a little while, I wanted to get her back home but I need to take care of somethings"

So an hour or to later he watched her drive away, he had offered to call Rachael but she was already in the car
Arriving back at the house she entered and started down the hall
some one grabbed her from behind pushing her toward the wall
"Micheal!!" she laughed batting at him playfully
"Sorry if I scared you , i just meant to surprise you"
"Scare me ha-ha that's funny Micheal"
"It wasn't meant as a joke my dear"


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