Saturday, May 28, 2011

I was on the phone with my friend Salline Trish and had the news on 
Addy Oh my god , are you watching the news?
Salline No, why? 
Addy Hurry. Go turn it on.
I waited for her to see the news story
Salline Oh my god! Thats Luna! But she's in her room.
She hung up then called back about ten minutes later to tell me the the body found was indeed Luna Banks, Salline's friend and housemate.She'd been murdered.
Addy I thought it might be, I'm sorry.
Salline I need to go , they're asking for someone to identify the body. Can you come watch my kids?
Addy Of course , I'll be there in 30 minutes.
After getting home from Salline's I was talking to Angel on the computer and over heard Jacob say he an Lilly live alone. As well as Luna's body being found I'd heard of teens going missing recently and instantly couldn't help of something happening to them. I sat Jacob down and talked to him , they've moved in with us. I wanted to ask where there parents were but when I started to I stopped my self, it was clearly not something he enjoyed talking about.
Lilly now stays in the girls bedroom with Miranda and Sharla
and Jacob is in the boys room with Blake and Jonathan.

I took the girls to the new Sunset Valley Equestrian Park.(download here ) Miranda loves horse , though she hadn't been around real ones before Ivy's wedding. Thats right , for those of you who don't read Bliss of Revenge Ivy was recently married to a man named Blake Ashen. I remember back when we lived in Bridgeport there was this farm and stable a couple hours outside of the city we used  to take Ivy to and she had her own horse that we stable there , I'm glad there is now a place like that here in Sunset Valley.
when we got there Miranda saw and fell in love with this beautiful pure white mare and while talking one of the stable hands I found she didn't have an owner, so I bought her for Miranda. The stable hand said her name is Angel.  
I didn't want Lilly to be left out and bought her a pony , his name is Spirit 
Lilly and Miranda get along so well , Lilly even said she thinks of Miranda like a big sister.
She's gotten closer with Jonathan recently as well , they where playing tag

This happened when he finally caught her
(You can download Dylan Simse kidkiss poses here )

After the Kyle siblings had been living with us for about a month we had a birthday , Jonathan, Lilly and Eli 
Jonathan thought for a few minutes before making his wish
Lilly is so pretty . not that I'm surprised considering she was a pretty child as well 
I was however surprised Miranda was so excited to see Jonathan become a teenager 
Here he is, his hair isn't so curly anymore and he's started wearing it like Anthony's
Lilly clearly like his new look lol.
Eli's turn was last , has blonde and green hair and green eyes
Lilly told Jonathan she wanted to talk
and he followed her out around the side of the house
I wasn't there and didn't her exactly what was said but I caught the gist of it , we all knew it was coming.
Luckily Lilly and Miranda still seem close.  

Prom is just around the corner and the kids are going in a group, they all came over to hang out and talk plans 
I was surprised to see Arabella (in the front) in a tight little tank top and mini skirt. 
the rest of he evening was spent in the pool
Angel even came over , bring her twin teenage daughters with her , i don't know why her hand was up like that maybe she was in the middle of pushing her hair back when the picture was taken lol
Arabella pulled there friend Brady into the the pool , theres something between them , at one point he was talking about maybe cutting his hair before prom and she freaked.
Sharla and I where both surprised to see that one of the girls and Bryn's date was Sandra Kelly, Sharla's former stepdaughter. Sharla used to be married to another old friend named Jake Kelly , two years before they were married he had been with a woman named Clara , Sandra's mother. Clara became very sick when she had Sandra and died only a few days later. It was six months later when he started seeing Sharla. 
When Bryn said his dates name was Sandra Kelly I thought it might be her and then when I saw her I knew... she looks just like Clara.
Sadly Sharla and Jake split up a few years ago , she says they just grew apart. 
Sharla loved Sandra as if she where her own, I probably shouldn't say this , its not really my place but Sharla can't have children.
the main point is that she hasn't seen Sandra since Jake and her split.

Arabella went in for some reason and Brady followed shortly after , a few of the other kids raised there eyebrows.
Arabella Do you think they know ? The way they looked at me when you talked about cutting your hair ...
Brady Your not very subtle darling   
Brady you shouldn't have to be , I understand your reasons why you don't want everyone knowing 
Arabella do you hear something
Brady They're our friends Ara, I understand your reason not wanting others to know but they're our friends.
Arabella You're right
Brady had to happen at some point
Looking over at her he took her hand as they came  back outside

The next day I called Adam and Taylor and ask them to come over. I wanted to talk to them about Arabella , not only is the way she dresses inappropriate but she has been cutting school and in the rare case she shows up for school she skips out on detention she has for skipping school.When they arrived I couldn't help but look Taylor over thinking " No wonder Ara dresses like that" I know that sounds bad , it gets worse :(
Looking at her I wondered how she could dress like that and then sit there so , poised and ladylike.
Adam So what is this about , you said you wanted to talk to us?
I told then but then I had to run off
Taylor I agree that I wish she didn't skip school so much, she really is a bright girl , but I don't want to force her. As for the way she dresses there are girls who are younger then Ara that dress even wrose.
Anthony Adam what about you , don't you have anything to say about this
They exchanged a look before he responded
Adam I agree with Taylor. Ara at least has managed not to fail out or
Addy Sorry about , you know how it is 
we talked for a while longer before Taylor stood up 
Taylor Look if you have a problem with the way I'm raising my daughter thats your choice , and raiser her the way I do is mine
Addy IT'S NOT JUST YOUR'S ! She's not just YOUR Daughter Taylor , she's Adam's too and our granddaughter.Notice that I said OUR not MY , I actually acknowledge MY husband.( I know this seems overly harsh and it was a little uncalled for but that wasn't the first time she'd done it , she kept calling Ara HER daughter , not theirs. But again , it gets worse)
Addy And yes other girls dress even worse but those girls aren't Ara they're not our granddaughter.Looking at you of course YOU don't have a problem with it you ARE the problem Taylor!
The look on her face , shock , hurt.
Taylor EXCUSE ME!! How dare you , I'm the problem?  I'M THE PROBLEM!?! You know we didn't even want to move from Bridgeport , I  convinced him it was best because I thought you both should be in Arabella's life 
Taylor But if you have a problem with the way WE'RE raising her you don't have to be!
Addy What are you saying , you're going to keep her from us? You can't do that , it's not really up to you Taylor, Ara's a teenager you can't say she can't come over here if she wants to.

Taylor Us? I only said anything about YOU!
Addy that's it , Adam I'm sorry things have to be like this but i want you to get that little bitch out of my house.
He clearly wanted to say something but didn't , just got Taylor and left.(Wait , it STILL gets even worse then that , I fell awful after all this, I almost didn't include this part)
Addy Did you see the way he hesitated every time we asked him something , and then he would look at her before he answering , he's obviously just doing what ever SHE wants and I don't like it and you , you just sit there for all of this , let her talk to me like that! Why didn't you say something? 
Anthony  Whoa , calm down. 
Addy Thats what you have to say, CALM DOWN?
Anthony Are you alright? I'm sorry , I should have stepped in.
Addy No I'm sorry. I don't know what came over me. 
Anthony Mood swings ?
Addy I've never gotten them before.
Anthony Every pregnancy is different, besides what other explanation is there?
Addy I guess.


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