Friday, July 22, 2011


??? Time to wake up Adella
the voice, its the woman from the phone, Morgan.
Addy My daughter, where is she, tell me where she is
Morgan Alissa is safe, one of  my people has taken her home, it was you I wanted Adella, your daughter was never in any danger from me.
Addy How do you know our names? Who are you?
Morgan My name is Morgen Dematria that is all you need know for the time being

Confused?  Lets go back shall we?
Arriving at the house Addy checked the text again to make sure she was in the right place before heading in side
Walking into the entrance hall she was not alone 
Addy Lidia? It actually surprises me you had something to do with this. Everything you've done to me I never thought you would hurt him. Where is she?
Lidia She is safe, thats all that maters 
Addy I don't believe you.
Lidia I'm not surprised , but believe it or not its true, your daughter IS safe and unharmed
Addy Not just about that, about everything.Who was that woman on the phone? You're really so obsessed have people working for you now?
Lidia You think Morgen works for ME? Oh Deli, you can be so simple minded. This is bigger then us ,you need to get over yourself 
Addy Get over myself? Really? 
Addy GET OVER MYSELF? GET OVER HIM! ... Why the hell are you smiling  CHIENNE
Addy gasped as the hand wrapped around her neck cutting off a scream and pulling her backwards
Lidia Thats why
Micheal shakes his head as if trying to clear it
Micheal I just can't get over how much she looks like Ren
Lidia exactly, thats why Ren is the one with the little girl
Morgan Put her on the bed
Morgan I am pleased Micheal , you have both done well 

now back to where we started
Addy You won't get away with this, you can't keep me here, people will notices I'm gone 
she laughs 
Morgan I doubt that, did you think I don't know about your husbands tour? That it will be just you and your children for the next 5 months, and as for anyone else who would miss you thats what Serenity is for.
Morgan Ren , would you come down here please?
Morgan Adella, this is Serenity Shepard , we call her Ren but I believe you may also have another name for her
she couldn't believe it but as she said it she knew it was true
Addy Maria.
Serenity Hello Adella


  1. O.O Oh My Gosh! Awesome post! :D

  2. Awesome job Addy, I love it!!!!!!!!!!

  3. Wow I am so ready for the next installment.... when is it going to be out?


  4. I am so relieved, but Ren does look exactly like Addy! Her twin!