Wednesday, August 3, 2011

A tour a baby and ... a KNIFE?

(as "Addy")Serenity I wish you didn't have to go. Can't you get out of it? 
Anthony I tried love, I'm under contract and their is the rest of the band to consider , what about them if I back out?
Ivy She's just going to really miss you Daddy, we all are
Anthony I know, I'm going to miss you too
Ivy Love you Daddy
Anthony I love you to princess. You should be getting inside, let me know what that doctor says okay?
Ivy I will Daddy
The limo driver honks the horn impatiently
Anthony I gotta go, I'll call 
??? hey McKnight?  You alright man?
Anthony I don't know Shelly, ever since Addy came back with Alissa she hasn't been acting quite like her self.
Shelly Well of course not , your daughter was kidnapped, and if that weren't enough now your leaving for five months. I wouldn't be myself right now if I where her either.
Anthony I guess your right.
She has a good point, but I can't shake the feeling something off. 
( since I couldn't think of a way to explain it in the story with out it seeming it was just randomly though in , Shelly is the singer in his band.) 

That night
"Addy" So start from the beginning and then tell me what the doctor said 

Ivy Well Blake and I had been having problems for a while before I left him , it started when you where attacked
I let it go when he didn't care at first, when he said you where just a human , it upset me but that's just how he is but then when I came and told him that you had been turned that you weren't a human anymore and he still didn't care. I tried to get over it, for Dylan. You remember Dylan right? From the Wedding? His son, I love that little boy but I just take it anymore. I never minded how cold and cruel he could be to some people before that but after... So I left
"Addy" But then you thought about going back
Ivy Yes when I first found out it was a possibility, when it came down to it I ended up listing off everything I missed about my life with him and I realized, I missed everything. The castle , the horses , the servants, Dylan especially Dylan. EVERYTHING! Everything except him.
"Addy" I see, so what did the doctor say.
Ivy They confirmed it
"Addy" and your not going back?
Ivy I don't want to go back. I don't want to go back just because I found out I'm pregnant.

Addy Come to continue that little conversation we where having in the hall?So obviously you work for Morgan not the other way around. Why?
Lidia You know why you little thief
Addy Oh my GOD! Lidia get over get this though your head. I DID NOT STEAL HIM FROM YOU!
Lidia Anthony was my boyfriend. He had been with me longer then any other girl and I'm sure you know what a heartbreaker he was but he said I was different. He was MINE until the day he met you. 
Lidia walks into the cell before continuing 
Lidia Did he ever tell you , that he had said he loved me? That I was the first girl he ever said it to not you?
Of course Addy knew but to have Lidia try to though it in her face still made her snap.
Addy yes he did actually -laughs-
Addy You know I'm not little miss innocent like everyone thinks and yet you still didn't search me.
sliding her hand under her pant leg Addy grabs the knife strapped their
Lidia S-since when do you carry a knife?
Addy laughs Longer then I've known you. Do you have any idea how many times I wanted to use this baby cut those pigtails you used to wear off your prissy little head? Remember that time we where dragged apart because I pulled your hair? 
Micheal shows up just in time opening the door he pulls Lidia out. It happens so fast before Addy knows it the door is shut again and Lidia is back outside the cell
Micheal Lidi Are you alright?
Lidia I'm fine Micheal
Addy So this is the latest? His eyes are to dark, Anthony's are a much lighter shade of purple. Run along with your wanna be Lidi once I'm out of here I'm going back to the real thing.


  1. Great update. Addy is a bad ass who knows how to defend herself when she is allowed to.

    Can't wait for the next.


  2. Lol! Addy with her clever comebacks! :P Love it!

  3. Ooh, the knife scenes were so good! Can't wait for more!

  4. I'm glad Addy told B'tch off! She's trying to replace Anthony.
    Anthony had a mind of his own and he chose Addy. Addy didn't force him!

    Great update!