Tuesday, August 23, 2011


This will be a quick one.
It was time for the kid's birthday.
Violet went first.
Ness was next.
Then Amber.
Eli, some how he gained what is called "The Mouth," an unfortunate physical trait that I thought I had eliminated from the Woodrow genetics.
Lastly Alissa.

Ivy wanting to move on posted a picture on a match making sight exclusively for children of the 100 baby challenge called MatchMaker: Challenge Kids and almost instantly got a reply from one Mason Turner. Mason is a Dawn Turner's sixteenth child, a born vampire like Ivy. The two have been talking online since and are now meeting for the first time in person. Mason lives in the town of Twinbrook and Ivy as you know lives in Sunset Valley. 
They both agreed to wait for when/if things became serious between them, before talking about one of them moving.
After talking for short time, she kissed him.


  1. Aww, happy birthday too all the kids! I love the last pictures!!

  2. Awe Mason and Ivy make an adorable couple! :)