Tuesday, August 9, 2011

A Lot About the Past

Ivy Ugh , since when is 6 pm morning?
After a pillow fight with Ivy, Vanessa goes to find Addy.
Ness knows the truth.
Ness Who are you?
"Addy" Ness, sweetie, what are you talking about?
Ness Who are you? You're NOT my mother, so who are you?
"Addy" Yes I am. :'( Why would you say that?
Ness Stay away from me .
Serenity Little brat, it's a good thing shes so out of her mind. No one will believe her.
The next day after the kids leave for school and Ivy for work, Serenity heads into the bathroom to remove the contacts Morgan makes her wear.
Feeling it would seem suspicious if Addy were to suddenly ignore her friends, Serenity talks to Angel and Dawn on the computer
Serenity This is not good, not good at all.

Serenity Morgan, I need to talk to you.
Morgan You're wearing your glasses.
Serenity No one saw me... but I did have a little bit of close call.
Serenity I was on the computer, talking to one of her friends and-
Morgan AND WHAT?!
Serenity She got really suspicious and said that I wasn't Addy but I managed to convince her.
Morgan Who was this?
Serenity Dawn Turner.
Morgan Go tell Micheal to find this woman and bring her here.
Addy NO! Please don't, you have me leave my friends out of it. She said she convinced her.
Serenity I did convince her.
Morgan Very well, I will let this pass. This time. but you better hope, Adella, that nothing like this happens again.
Addy Serenity, wait.
Serenity What?
Addy I want to talk to you, I'm going to tell you everything you need to know so that this doesn't happen again.
Serenity Your going to help me?
Addy You've been watching me? Reading my blog? To know as much as possible about me.
Serenity Yes.
Addy Then you should know I would do anything to protect my family and friends.
Serenity If you're going to help me, start with this. Don't say anything about all of this, unless you want company.
Addy stares at the phone Serenity has handed her, its her phone. It starts to ring and she can't help but smile as the name comes up.
Addy Bonjour, mon amour.
Addy I'm fine, I just really miss you.
Addy I need to go now. I love you.
Serenity Very good , thank you, I believe he was starting to get suspicious.
Addy No, thank you, thank you so much for letting me talk to him.
Serenity So now you where going to tell me about stuff.
Addy Yes and afterwards I want you to tell me somethings.
Serenity About what?
Addy About the same thing as what I'm going to tell you m... our family.
Addy Evil twins actually run in the family, going all the way back to Alice and Melissa ,the twin daughters of our great great great grandmother Marry-Ella but more recently and more known would be our great uncle Julian. This is practically nothing compared to what happened with him and our grandparents.
Serenity Oh really?
Addy Haha , yeah , our grandmother moved here from an island called Simleo when she was about six and then a couple years later she met Julian and they became best friends and almost more. Until he introduced her to his twin brother , our grandfather , Peter and they loved each other instantly. The thing is, Julian loved her too and though it wasn't love , eventually she couldn't deny that she felt something too.
Serenity They had an affair?
Addy Not exactly, though she admits they were together once but only once, this was several years later, our mother was already almost a teenager at this point. One day, while she was out of the house the brothers had an argument and they happened to be by the edge of the pool... it ended when Julian shoved our granddad into the pool and, and he hit his head and died. Julian claimed that he had fallen, he knew he would never have her if she knew the truth, but eventually she found out , you see our granddad's ghost came back and told her. He didn't deny it when she confronted him at first but you see she never said that that was what he had done just that he had done something so later he tried to claim that he thought she had been talking about something else. He said that he had told our granddad about the time they were together and that that was what he though she was accusing him of.
Serenity Whoa.
Addy Yeah, believe it or not they're all good now though, Grandpa Peter was restored and Uncle Julian met our Aunt Marcelline and though Marcelline being friends with Aunt Julia he managed to win his way back into family functions and then when he and Marcelline married he was finally officially accepted back into the family. I was about ten by this point, I was the flower girl.
Serenity What about other family?
Addy You can say it, you mean what about our parents. Our parents met as teenagers, our dad was also from Simleo like grandma was and he and his mother happened to move next door to the family. He ,um, he died shortly before we where born. He was the only one that knew, about you, that they were having twins. I don't know how much you know about what happened but I only found this out recently, she never told anyone about you she was led to believe you were stillborn.
Serenity So what? She pretended that I never existed?
Addy Yes. You have to understand, it was just easier for her.
Serenity I do understand, my .. well the woman who raised me , when I was little she was pregnant and ended up miscarrying.She hadn't really told anyone yet except her husband and me so she never told anyone.
So its kinda the same thing.
Addy Yeah it is, so now your turn.
Serenity My turn?
Addy Tell my about my kids, what have I been missing? Did Ivy ever see the doctor , what did they say?
Serenity They confirmed it, she pregnant.
Addy I'm gonna have another grandbaby?
Serenity Yes and, and Ness , she may be a little insane but she is so smart, she knows. I don't know how and I won't tell Morgan but she knows I'm not you.
Addy What made Dawnie suspicious?
Serenity haha the fact that when I talked to her I started off by say hey and not Dawnie
Addy Hahaha, really?
Serenity Among other things but yes.
Micheal was near the top of the stairs and could hear them laughing. He looked around glad that Morgan wasn't around, he doesn't want Serenity in trouble with her.

Micheal Ren? Laura said you were up here.
Serenity Yeah, come on up.
Micheal Ha, what are you doing?
Serenity Thinking.
Micheal On the floor?
Serenity Why not?
Micheal Dork.
Serenity Takes one to know one!
Serenity Help me up.
Serenity Hahahahaha!
Micheal You did that on purpose!
Serenity So what if I did? :P
Micheal I hate you!
Serenity No you don't. You love me, admit it.
Micheal You're my best friend Ren.


  1. O_O AMAZING!!!!! I love the flash back and how Serenity and Addy seemed to becoming friends. I can't wait to see what happens next! I'm so stoked over here! :D

    ~Suspicious Dawnie :D

  2. Great post Addy... can't wait to see what happens next.


  3. So Michael is in love with Ren! I can just imagine Lydia's reaction if she finds out.