Saturday, August 20, 2011

More of The Past

He had gone to the beach that day to be alone with his thoughts and she had done the same. He had meant what he told Lidia, he did love her, or at least thought he did and he had never had any interest in redheads. She had never had any interest in anyone. All of that changed the moment they saw each other.  
Although the attraction was there from the beginning, they never flirted, just talked.  
They talked for hours. They talked about how they were both born in Sunset Valley, came from wealthy families, and how both grew up without their fathers, although hers having died shortly before her birth, and his passed on shortly after.
They talked about their interests. She found herself at a loss trying to describe her favorite color
Addy It's sort of a pale purple, somewhere between lavender and lilac, but not quite.
She finally, somewhat embarrassingly admitted that her favorite color just happened to be, even before meeting him, but especially after, the exact shade of his eyes.
It got dark and they both sat down on the soft sand. 
He couldn't help but stare at her as she look at the view in wonder.
When they finally parted ways he knew.

Addy headed home and he headed to Lidia's.
Lidia - Hey Baby. What are you doing here so late?
Anthony I needed to talk to you and it can't really wait. 
Lidia You said..., I thought you loved me.
Anthony - So did I.

Anthony introduced Addy to his friends and to Lidia. The girl with the purple hair, believe it or not, is our dear  girl Sharla, next to her is Jake and on the other side of him is the famous Clara.

A few days later, Lidia tried to confront Addy calling her a man thief, no matter what he said, she believed Anthony never would have left her if she hadn't come along.
Addy - Listen spray tan, It doesn't matter what you think, I didn't steal him. And even if I did, doesn't change the fact that he's mine now.
Lidia - Spray tan?
Lidia - Hmmph.


  1. Spay tan? Lol! That's funny! XD Great post. :D

    ~Dawnie T

  2. I liked the last lines the best! XD

  3. How am I so far behind? :-( Loved the Spray Tan line. hahahhahaha