Monday, August 15, 2011

The Past

Sunset Valley
years ago
Lidia I wish you didn't have to go. Why is your mother moving your family to Bridgeport anyways? Is it because of those rumors?
Anthony I don't know Lidi, I wish I didn't have to go either. Here I got you this, so you don't forget me.
Lidia I could never.
Lidia It's like yours.
Anthony Yeah. Here, let me help you put it on.
Lidia How does it look?
Anthony Beautiful.
Lidia So, what are you going to do when you get to Bridgeport?
Anthony Once we're settled in, I'll probably go visit Sharla in the hospital. She's in Bridgeport because the hospital there is better equipped for her illness.
Lidia Oh.
Anthony Lidi, Shar is my friend. Nothing less, nothing more.
Lidia Not anymore.
Anthony It's our last night together, can we not spend it talking about this?

two months later
Anthony Not that, I'm not happy to see you but are you going to tell me what you're doing in Bridgeport now?
Lidia Well, my big sister decided to move here to become an actress. I managed to talk her into convincing our parents to let me come with her.

Two weeks later
Anthony There you are.
Lidia Yep, here I am! Haha!
Anthony Come on.

Anthony Now tell me whats wrong?
Lidia What do you mean?
Anthony Oh come on Lidia, I think I know by now when something bugging you, so what is it?
Lidia Can we sit down?
Anthony Now talk to me. Is this about that girl at the party?
Lidia She kept looking at us.
Anthony She was doing the karaoke. She was looking at everyone.
Lidia But she kept looking at us, at you.
Anthony Oh come on, you should know by now I wouldn't go for a redhead.
Anthony Now listen to me. Even if this girl was interested, I'm with you.Il mio unico e solo, I love you Lidia and thats not going to change.

A few months later


  1. Oh my gosh is all I can say.

    Other than that, it's cool to see a bit of Anthony's past. :D

  2. It's all coming together and making so much sense! Love the post! :D

    ~Dawn Turner

  3. Oh wow.... I am suspense as to what happened betwen Anthnoy and Lidia.


  4. This was really good, Addy! Boy was Anthony ever wrong when he told Lydia he would never fall for a redhead!