Monday, May 2, 2011

So far (a recap)

For those of you who don't know I'm Addy McKnight and I have been doing the 100 Baby Challenge ,I am doing it differently then most however ,Thats not to say I'm the only one doing it this way but there are less of us then mothers doing the Traditional Challenge, I am happily married and intend to have all 100 children with my husband.
His name is Anthony , we met as teenagers and it was love at first sight.We have 9 children together so far
twin girls (4)Alex(in the yellow) and (3)Sofia(in blue)
(5)Anthony Jr.  AJ for short 
                                            and last but not least twins(8) Miranda and (9)Blake

note: AJ is a YA now and not a teenager as in the picture above ,that was just the most recent close up I had. Also for those of you who have not but would like to read my challenge up to this point  both albums as well as a few other stories of mine can be found here :  Thanks for reading

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