Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Births and Birthdays, How quickly they grow (Baby 14)

Miranda asked me to play tag with her 
when I FINALLY caught her I pulled her into a hug
Then we played catch
we through the ball back and forth for a moment 
but stopped when she was hit with the ball
after making sure she was alright I planted a kiss atop her head
Birthday time, thats a lot of cake
the triplet went first
Vanessa has blonde/green hair and the famous Woodrow green eyes
she can be downloaded here
Amber has blonde/green hair and Anthony's purple eyes
she can be downloaded here
then it was Jonathan's turn , he still has short curly hair 
he can be downloaded here
then the twins , Miranda being the older went first
She is so pretty , the type that will have boys fighting over hr I'm sure ;) 
she can be downloaded here
Then Blake , his hair isn't quite as curly now that he's grown it out.
he can be downloaded here
Arabella no longer tries to be like her auntie Miranda cut her hair into a short spiky doe
 Arabella is not uploaded but can be on request
Bryn , my little brother.
Not uploaded but can be on request
Connery went next , the first to leave move out since moving to Sunset Valley
he can be downloaded as a teen here and as a YA here
Angel and I talked about it and Chelsea was aloud to age up with Connery
They moved in together in this lovely house, it will be a great house to raise a family someday
and last but not least Peter , 
Teen       YA
Miranda and I enjoying some mother daughter time, which for use means painting
okay so I forgot to get a picture of Violet earlier , she has curly black hair and the Woodrow green eyes
she can be downloaded here 
a few days later a girl named Lilly Kyle came home with Jonathan after school

this is what happened when her older brother Jacob came to pick her up:

That night I decided it was time to get on with the challenge

the next morning I went for a swim

I was looking down the hill at the beach when Anthony came up putting his arm around me,
"Well now , thats a familiar scene"

Blake's P.O.V.  
I went down to the beach to be alone and think , then I saw her.
her name is Michaela , Michaela Marc apparently she just moved from Bridgeport , go figure. 
there was no doubt there was an instant attraction and we spent the rest of the day together    
"Will I see you again? " 
"I'll come back here tomorrow" 
"No , I live in the house up on the hill , come there" 
She kissed me! I can't believe she kissed me XD
"See you tomorrow"
"AH!! I can't believe that girl kissed you , AND that little girl and Jonathan , I'm the oldest. It's not fair , my little brothers getting kissed before me, It's not fair." Oh Miranda , normal I enjoy seeing her little temper-tantrums but she seemed really and truly up set."you're right" I said surprising us both "It's not fair M, but it will happen for you. Besides who says you have to wait for him to kiss you, you can kiss him first.
"I do,"she told me "I say he does , you both got kissed so I kissed"

Michela showed up the next day just like she said she would, and this time I kissed her
I was surprised a short time later that Jacob showed up , and not to get Lilly this time
I really like to mess with Miranda , and I also REALLY like to kiss Michela 
she didn't seem to notice
and finally she got what she wanted.
I think you gave him ideas 

Dad called us on the way home from the hospital, apparently mom did her makeover before returning home and he didn't want us to be to surprised 
The limo pulled up and Miranda and I stood by the door waiting for them to come in

Addy's P.O.V.
meet baby # 14 Eli McKnight , named after my step-father Eli Windfield

( the latest version of Addy can be downloaded here )


  1. love Addy's hair color at the end! :D

  2. if you wish to download any of Addy's other children or my other Sims let me know and i will give you the link.

  3. Great Addy's new look.

    Ashby Starr Bright

  4. I like Addy's new look too! It will bring some interesting children!

  5. Awwww thank you for naming a little girl Violet! Shes a cutie pie :D

  6. Wow! Addie looks totally different this time! I like this makeover too.
    Anthony gets a new woman every time a baby is born! LOL