Wednesday, May 4, 2011


We have been talking for a moment about moving out of Bridgeport we decided only recently that it would be to the lovely  town of Sunset Valley.I know that picture doesn't look like Sunset Valley, It's not.Its Simleo the island that both of my grandmothers grow-up on when they where friends as little girls , and were my father did as well.We have been planning a big family trip there for a while and its finally happend
Its just as imaged it as a little girl , I took this picture on my phone from out plane 
It was to hot on Simleo for me to go around in long sleeves and pants, plus me hair was hot against my neck and back so I changed into this simple sundress and after cutting my hair pushed it back with a matching headband.
 I never mentioned that while I was pregnant with the twins, I wasn't the only one.This is my little brother Bryn Windfield , he got the dark purple eyes and a slight tint of blue from he's grandmother Ivy Windfield.
and my granddaughter Arabella McKnight , she got her mother Taylor's red hair and Anthony's light purple eyes, which I find kinda funny since both Taylor and Adam have green eyes :)
 I knew she was thinking about it at least temporarily but I was still shocked when I saw Ivy , my little vampire princess, as a human.
 The young ones all get along really well , the boys and the girls look so much like each other , if i didn't know better i would think Arabella and Miranda were the twins not Miranda and Blake
    really I just thought this was a good picture of Adam Taylor and Arabella all together
 I can't believe the freaking paparazzi came in our room and was taking picture of me and Anthony in our sleep,
 I really don't get it , whats the big story there ,  a married couple sleeping in the same bed is some big thing ? o.O
                Miranda woke up in the middle of the night while everyone was still asleep
                    and somehow managed to climb out of her crib
Connery and Peter slept though it but the noise was enough to wake Blake who scolded his twin sister with a wagging finger
   This is how I found her when I came in in the morning to let them out
 "Connery, did you get Miranda out of her crib?" I asked , he said no that he just woke up himself.
 "Do you know how you sister got out of her crib Blake" I coed picking him up from his bed. (Our vacation was pretty uneventful sorry I don't have more pictures)
a few days later we had a party of r all of the little ones to age them into children. As the oldest Miranda went first.
here she is , she decided to keep her long hair braided but in two rather then the one she had before
                                           Blake was next
 He still has the same short messy curls and chose to wear the Pink Floyd shirt that is becoming a stable for my boys ever we got it , AJ wore it Connery wore it and now Blake
 Ivy arguing with her self , apparently shes off her meds because they where specifiably made for vampires and aren't safe for her to take as a human
                                         Taylor held Arabella when it was her turn
                                              and helped her blow out the candles,
 I never realized before this trip how skinny Taylor is , but then again I'm not used to seeing her in shorts and a swim top
 Arabella, my first and only grandchild as a child, she decided to do her hair just like Miranda's
                                                   and last but not least Bryn
the sparkles surrounded him 
                                            his face was blank as if he didn't even notice
 he looks so much like Eli at that age , Is it weird that I know more about my step-father's early life then my mother does?
 Miranda and Arabella get along great , and they look so much alike too. the differences is the hair and eye colors Miranda has red/pink hair and pink eyes like my father and Arabella as I said earlier has purple eyes and red/orange hair.
 after all the kids where done becoming kids we whipped out the interments and decided to jam , then a guy came down from his house to complain about the noise.

                                                                  Who could this be now?
                 My mother talked to him for a moment,I coudn't hear what they said
                                                 then she called me over "ADELLA!!"
"Adella? Like Adella Blake? "
"Yes , my great-grandmother" he covered his mouth in shock as I told him this and then he told me who he is.I guess I know where Blake gets his curly hair from no, his name is Johnathan McKnight , he's my Grandfather.
It was a few days later , our last day on the island actually , I had been out all day and came home to find the house empty
 when i went up stares this is what i found, roses scattered all over the floor

and Anthony waiting for me on the bed another rose in his mouth he discarded it onto the floor with the rest "I know this is a family vacation ," he said "but you had to know I'd want you alone at some point."
                                          he sat up as I came over pulling me into his lap
                                           and then rolled me over onto the bed kissing me
pulling away for a moment he kissed my hand before we headed under the covers


  1. Lovely! I love the children, they look so unique! Visit my challenge here:

  2. What a nice vacation! The children aged up well. I'm surprised that Ivy decided to become human. She is still gorgeous. Anthony was so romantic.
    He's a good husband and father for the challenge.