Monday, May 9, 2011

New looks, New books baby #10

Chelsea comes over alot , she usually brings her guitar with her and the two of them jam together   
although we of course don't have favorite children its clear Miranda at least has chosen a favorite parent, shes a daddies girl through and through
She's started painting, she is easily at least three times the artiest I was at her age, and thats saying a lot. 
she sometimes stays up all night to finish a painting
She cut school , I only just found out she was at Ivy's.
Ivy said Miranda threatened to take off if she called any one and since Ivy's a vampire again she couldn't take her home or to school because it was the middle of the day.
I decided to talk to her doing the one thing I knew we both loved , painting.
Not only is she a better artiest then I was i'm starting to think I'm still not as good as her.
one of my favorite things about the new house is the hot tub in the master bathroom.I take a soak to unwind before bed everynight, this time Anthony joined me. 
then we headed to the bedroom
a couple of days later
Arabella comes over after school sometimes I'm glad her and Miranda are so close since Miranda isn't so close with her brothers and sisters
So as you can guess from when i though up baby 10's on the way. Anthony always rubs my back when it aches from pregnancy , thats one thing the mothers doing the challenge traditionally miss out on 
with all the kids school age and Anthony doing concerts I had a lot of time with the house to my self and spent my entire pregnancy working on a new book.Its called Love Crimes , its a little trashy. 
"Connery watch your brothers and sister" I said on my way out the door
our limo arrived just as I stepped off of the porch and took Anthony and me to the hospital where I gave birth to our new son baby number ten Jonathan McKnight II named after my grandfather.
As always after the birth of a new child I gave my self a makeover, everyone waited downstates to see how I would look when I came down after putting Jonathan in the nursery.
I always pick out new clothes and often make-up as well but this time I did something I normally don't , for the first time in my life I died my hair.After being a redhead all my life it was time for a change
Luckily Anthony thinks I'm perfect no mater how I look but what do you think ?


  1. she looks awesome :)

  2. Congrats on making it to the 10's, pretty soon you'll be up in the teens. :D

  3. thank you and yes Dawn i FINALLY made it to double digits lol

  4. I like her makeover too. I think she looks pretty with this hair color and style.