Friday, May 13, 2011


I made the bed before going over to wake him
then slipped on a robe and tied my hair back before hading downstates to make breakfast
I started working on a new book and Connery was talking to someone,Chelsea I'm sure
a couple days later I was out in the garden when he came over
he jumped down 
pulling me into his arms as I stood.I love moments like this ,when its just the two of us and its like theres nothing else, the breeze gently brushing against my skin.
the moment was interrupted however by the sound of a motorcycle pulling up in fount of the house.A woman climbed off the bike killing the engine. "So it's true , I heard you to had moved to Sunset Valley." she seemed to know us and was defiantly familiar but I wasn't sure at first who she was but then as she removed her helmet and pushed her sunglasses onto of her head she said "Hey Tony."Even though it is a common nickname there is only one person who calls Anthony ,Tony.
"SHARLA" I ran over and throw my arms around her as if it had been days not years since we had seen each other. 
Remember me saying that around Angel I revert to being a little girl , a little brat she'd say :P , well Sharla has a similar effect on me.When she heard we had moved to town she just had to come see us.
After ten kids I need to do something to keep my body , Anthony's even offered to train me. Its really just an excuses to watch me in my tight little shorts and sports bra , not that i'm complaining.
Afterwards with the older kids still at school and Jonathan asleep we decided to follow up with another , more rigorous workout he-he-he ;)
Pregnant again :D
I made him go to a cooking class and he's been watching food network so when he asked I let him make lunch
he made hotdogs on the grill
not only did nothing go wrong but they came out great
With another one on the way already we decided to age up Peter
and Jonathan
the dishwasher broke , I was not happy , bad things always seem to happen when the dishwasher breaks
this time held true , Sharla showed up at the door , clearly in need of a friend.Luke ,the man she had been seeing broke up her and since she had been staying with him she now had no place to live.
of course being the awesome friend I am I offered to let us stay with us for as long as she needs
now that we are both more secure with his cooking ability and me being pregnant he insisted that I relax and let him make dinner
sometimes I swear its like he reads my mind , he made spaghetti , which i hadn't told him , i had been wanting all day 
Sharla being a vegetarian made her self a salad 
"Do you need anything love?" I told him my back was bothering me
"Well I can take care of that"
>:( I keep failing to get certain pictures , I had the baby , or i should say babies. Triplets actually, baby 11 Vanessa , named after both my friend and fellow challenge mother Vanessa Woods as well as Anthony's mother Vanessa Blackwell.Baby 12 Amber , named after friend and challenge mother Amber Essence Lights. Baby 13 Violet named after friend and challenge mother Violet Jane Newbie 
With my latest look i kept my new hair color and curled my hair which is growing back at a surprising rate 


  1. Nice Post! :D And Addy looks really pretty in the last picture. I can't wait to see what little Vanessa, Amber, and Violet looks like.

    ~Dawn Turner

  2. Great post my friend.. can't wait for the next.

    Ashby Starr Bright

  3. Great post. (: I love it.

    Aryn Foshiqqi

  4. I love that hairstyle on her. She and Anthony are a great couple!